P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

The new program from Tony Horton. We had the privilege to do one of the workouts in person. I had the honor of having Tony sing happy birthday to me right before we did the workout. What a day.

Here is my quick review of the program so far.

1) Easy to follow nutrition guide.
2) 6 day Shred has a shopping list and easy to follow, yummy menu.
3) The workouts are divided into a 90 day calendar with A, B and C workouts depending on your fitness level.
4) Work outs are about 25 minutes the first month, 35 minutes the second and 45 the 3rd.
5) zero pull ups required

Tony Horton and P90

Mark telling Tony Horton is it my birthday

Join our P90 Challenge group. This workout is for all fitness levels. If you were scared to do P90X or quit then give this one a try.
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