Ever since I can remember from teenage to adult years I was insecure and strived to be skinny. Not healthy, but skinny. I went to drastic measures to get there up to and including liposuction, hypnosis, starving myself and more. I joined Weight Watchers multiple times. The 3rd time I joined something finally clicked. I had to actually do the work to see the results. If I followed the advice of tracking my food I could not only lose weight but keep it off. If I tried wing it then it would show on the scale.

In the summer of 2010 is when another click happened for me. I was introduced to Beachbody by a friend. I watched him lose weight with P90X and grow a business with Beachbody. As I was running on the treadmill at the gym for the millionth time I saw an infomercial for Insanity. Finally decided to give it a try. My friend tried to introduce me to coaching and team beachbody but I wasn’t ready. Not yet.

In November 2010 I was ready. I was ready to be a coach with Team Beachbody and take it to the limit. As it turns out, there isn’t a limit. I am the only person that places limits on myself. If i want to work my business zero hours a week or 100 that is up to me and no one else.

There is a saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” It truly believe it and now I truly understand it. Not everyone is ready for coaching. Not everyone is ready to transform their fitness and health at the same time. I was ready when I was ready and I’m not making excuses. If I want to have a piece of pizza I will not lie about it. I will not rationalize it. I eat it and then workout twice as hard the next day.

Being a coach with Team Beachbody has changed my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people on the same path. Happy, positive people working toward a common goal. To end the trend of obesity. It is not about making a sale for me. It is about helping you find the best version of you.

As of June 2013 I became a full time coach to help others.

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