Experiment for 60 days

December 17th 2012

Experiment for 60 days
You are about to take a journey with me whether you want to or not. I want all the support I can get. December 18th I’m heading into the doctor for pre-op surgery appointment. He is going to lay out the surgery and recovery time.

What surgery?

I’m having some work done on my eyes. I’m having bags, also known as festoons, removed. I’m tired of looking tired. I wake up every morning with the puffiest eyes. The minute I tell people I’m getting it done they say “what? You don’t have bags.” I appreciate it. You are your own worst critic. Let me put your mind to rest. I’m not a plastic surgery nut and I don’t stare in the mirror crying or obsessing about what is wrong with me. I love me. I really do. I just want to look as good as I feel. This one thing makes me feel like I’m 20 years older than I am.

Puffy eyes

Not even the worst picture.

In the last 2 years I’ve improved who I am in many ways. Personal development and coaching continues to improve my life. I have big goals for 2013 and even into 2014. Being and looking healthy is at the top of my list.

Day 1:
December 18th is my pre-op appointment. I will get all of the details about the surgery and my recovery time. I’ve already been instructed to stop taking all vitamins and supplements 3 weeks before the surgery. I’m freaking out that I will not have Shakeology for 3 whole weeks.
Stick with me and help me through this journey. It is my plan to work out like a maniac for the 3 weeks before the surgery and eat super clean in the weeks after until I’m cleared to work out.

Thank you for your support and helping me through the next 2 months of pre and post surgery. 2013 is my year. I’m going to rock it.

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  1. Sheila Stevenson

    You go girl, I think self improvement is awesome, you deserve this you have worked so hard. Who are you going to? Good luck, gonna have some awesome shiners for several days. You will love the outcome and will heal fast cause you have become so healthy !! Hugs !


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