One Year Anniversary as a Team Beachbody Coach

November 10th 2011

What a difference a year makes. Last year I was sitting at my desk at work talking to Chris Reed. He had talked to me about the coaching opportunity a few times and I said no. I finally took the leap of faith and said yes. Why did I say no? Out of fear of the unknown I’m sure. I looked at the last 39 years of my life and thought why not? Why not challenge myself and try something new.

Watch this short video. It’s me. It’s real. I thought about getting all dolled up and fix my hair and then said forget it. Why put it off. Just go for it. Speak from the heart and say what I feel. Who cares if I’m wearing make up. Forgive my dog barking in the background. She barks when the wind blows. I guess she wanted to be in the video too.

Special thanks to my husband for his love and support. Thanks to my son for working out with me and being patient when I put him in front of the TV so I could get on a phone call. Thanks to my mom for all of the babysitting so I could attend the events. Thanks to Chris & Kodi Reed for their support and guidance. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Thanks to all of my fabulous Beachbody friends and family. I love you. Thanks to my customers and coaches. Your success and support keeps me accountable.

Here’s to another successful year of coaching.

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