What are your priorities?

July 3rd 2013

Guest Blog post by Mark Dietel
It is my great pleasure to share this blog post with you from my husband, Mark Dietel. I pretty much run our fitness blog because of his log hours as a hair stylist. He is a great man. I hope you enjoy his blog post. I know I did. It is great to see things from a man’s perspective.

What are your priorities?
By Mark Dietel

Your priorities for your life as a man may include providing for your family, keeping them safe, and saving for their future. I had those priorities in my head but my actions didn’t always match. I used to eat poorly, rarely workout, and spent hours golfing or in bars with my buddies. I didn’t make time for my family. I would sit on the couch “relaxing” when it was really just being lazy because I was too tired to move. When I decided to get my body in shape it changed so many other areas of my life.

Love my life

Now I lead by example. Not that I didn’t before but now my example is a positive example. My son sees me working out in the living room almost every morning when he wakes up. My son sees me feeding my body healthy foods and making healthy choices. He is at the finish line of the half marathons my wife runs and now he says he wants to run in the 5K Turkey Trot this year. I love that he has health and fitness on his brain now. I love that because of the example we are setting he knows what organic means and the importance of it. Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic and I don’t want my child to be on that list.
My wife and I laugh more often, we are intimate more often, and we just enjoy life more often than we used to. Because I put my health at the top it helps everything in our home.

How do you get started? It really is pretty easy. Look at what you are doing now. What do you know you need to stop? What do you know you need to start? Where are you spending your time? How do you spend your time? Do you spend it escaping from life or enjoying it?

I’m happy to help you get started if you want to message me or my wife. We’ve been helping people to follow in our path for over 2 years now. The best gift you can give your family is not money. It is you! You must know that you are leading by example. Is the example you are setting now a good one? Take care of yourself and lead by example in a positive way.

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