Beachbody 21 day Ultimate Reset – Preparation for Day 1

September 23rd 2012

This is our second time to do the Reset. We are so much smarter this time around. Our first time was May 2012 and this is our second time beginning September 24. The book recommends beginning on a Wednesday so you can spend some of the most “difficult” days at home. Last time we started on a Monday and I didn’t find it all that difficult. It is up to you. I liked the Monday is day 1 and Sunday is day 7. Seemed easier to monitor.

What we changed from the first Reset to day 1 of this Reset:
-Drinking less coffee
-Buying and eating less cheese
-Making more micro green salads for lunch
-Drinking alkanalize every day. (usually in our Shakeology)
-Using the healthy oils from the reset and many of the recipes.
-Making our own salad dressings instead of buying them

We kind of went nuts after our summer family vacation in July and the Reset is a welcome change. We know we need the structure to get us back on track. We were using vacation and summer as an excuse to eat and drink. Next thing you know your jeans are tight or don’t fit. Wake up call!!!

So we said that’s it! We are doing the reset again. We already had most of the oils and spices from the first time so we really only needed to buy the fresh stuff.

We love to recommend it and help others through it. It changed so many things about our lives.

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