Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 2 Recap

May 14th 2012

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 2 Recap

Finished week 1 in a fog. Back hurt and body aches. Starving and irritable most of the week. Day 7 it all lifted. Still getting used to the meal plan but feeling much better. The last 2 weeks have reminded me of how I felt when I was breast feeding. Obessed with feeding time and everything that went with it.

Top things I’ve realized during week 2:
• Portion control is a key factor in why I wasn’t losing weight before.
• Mindful eating vs mindless eating.
• I eat when I’m hungry and because it is time to eat. Not because I’m bored or stressed.
• I have self-control.
• It is possible to go to the movies and NOT eat popcorn
• It is better to prep multiple meals in advance and eat healthy than its to fly by the seat of your pants and eat something not healthy and regret it.
• New respect for our kitchen and keeping it clean.
• I’ve lived 2 weeks without caffeine. Trip out on that!
• I’ve lived 2 weeks without drinking wine. Trip out on that!

Happenings during week 2
We cleaned our closets and dropped 10 bags off at Goodwill.
We are keeping the kitchen and the sink much cleaner than we ever did.
The recycling bin is over flowing with distilled water bottles.
We keep staring at ourselves in the mirror and trying on clothes that used to be tight.
The cheese drawer in our fridge has turned into a drawer for cut veggies, lemons and limes.
I haven’t had sneezing attacks due to allergies.
I have super amounts of energy during the day but get tired and easily fall asleep at night.
Sleeping like a rock.
Amazing amounts of energy without caffeine
Fresh fruit for breakfast is pretty awesome. It is the ultimate fast food

Quotes from Week 2
• Where’s the …?
• What are we having for breakfast today?
• Chick Peas for breakfast?
• Will you empty the dishwasher?
• Man I feel awesome!
• Hey, look at me.
• Check this out. Look how these pants are fitting.
• I need to get some new jeans.
• Can you imagine how hot we are going to look when we can actually workout?
• Have you noticed how awesome I look?
• Time to clean out your closet.
• Detox is nasty. It’s like drinking hay
• Look a mirror, let’s look at ourselves.
• I just want to eat some food without preparing anything. I can’t wait for that.
• I have to eat corn succotash on Mother’s day?
• Wait, corn succotash is awesome.
• I don’t care what that book says I’m having a tiny bit of peanut butter with my apple
• I’ve gotta piss like a race horse
• I can’t wait to go somewhere and be served.

Ready to take this to the end. This is the home stretch. One of the biggest hurdles is not being able to eat when I’m truly hungry due to supplement timing or lack of planning on my part. I’m used to a mid morning snack and that is not part of the plan. There are a few times during the day when I really want to have more food. Most of the meals are filling. I’m tired of thinking about food and my next meal.

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast during the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Fresh Fruit during the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

After 14 days I’m down 11 pounds and Mark is down 13. We definitely love the weight loss and it is just what we needed to kick our butts in gear and get serious. It is easy to just rock along and do whatever. But when you have a plan to follow and you commit it is also easy to succeed. I love freedom of choice but I also love structure of a plan.

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