Top Great Things about The Ultimate Reset Phase 1

May 7th 2012

Top Great things about The Ultimate Reset Phase 1

10. Focus and Structure gained toward planning meals.
9. Discovering new foods & recipes
8. Knowing that I really don’t need the bread and the chips.
7. A reason to throw away the junk food
6. Fun family time in the kitchen preparing meals
5. Understanding of when I eat and why
4. Losing 7 pounds in 1 week
3. Taking time for me. Quiet time for a walk.
2. Seeing how my body changes by feeding it non-processed foods.
1. When you feed your body great, non-processed foods you don’t have to feel guilty.

Breakfast Day 4

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Breakfast Day 4

Top things I noticed in week 1 of the Ultimate Reset:
(In no particular order.)
• My finger nails seem stronger
• My hair and skin look better. Almost glowing
• I actually do have time to prepare healthy meals. I just didn’t want to before.
• I can live without coffee
• My appreciation for how foods taste.

Quotes from week 1:
Where’s the….
What am I supposed to eat now?
I have to take a piss
Will you empty the dishwasher?
I’m not eating Tempeh for breakfast.
I have to go pee
What am I drinking now?
I wish I could work out.
Holy crap I’m down another pound.
I could really use a glass of wine right now.
I feel like punching someone in the face.
I feel awesome!

So many things to talk about regarding the Reset. It has been a struggle but a great one. The most awesome thing for me was seeing the changes in my body and feeling them too. We’ve had awesome support in our facebook group and its been fantastic. Working through something together with other people is the best way to do this Reset in my opinion. Starting day 8 today and looking forward to the meals. We are getting the hang of how to prepare in advance and it is getting easier. It is amazing how your body thanks you for treating it right. So many people I see tell me they need to lose weight or they are on medications for various things. They also tell me they are not willing to give up certain things for 21 days. Well, then I guess they will continue to be miserable and complain about how they need to lose weight, get healthy etc. You must make the commitment. It is a commitment. You are worth it. Your body wants it. Your body needs it. Suck it up. Do it and get in a support group to help you through. If I can give up wine and coffee then anyone can!

Day 8. I’m coming for ya.

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