Coaching. What is it?

August 22nd 2012

Coaching. What is it?

Many people have heard of P90X. They understand that P90X and Insanity are a part of Beachbody. Some people may even know that Shakeology is connected with Beachbody. Very few people understand the coaching opportunity. I assumed it was one thing and it wasn’t what I thought.

What is coaching?

My assumptions:
• Pyramid scheme
• I’d have to sell stuff to my friends
• I’d have to host home parties
• I’d have to store and deliver products
• I’d be out of thousands of dollars and would never rise up the ladder.

Why did I think these things?
I’ve been invited to many other parties, business opportunities and had people sell to me. I didn’t want to sell purses, candles, jewelry, make up or other things. I didn’t want to deliver stuff. How many parties could I host? How many candles does a person need? I had never found the one that fit me. I’m not beating up other network marketing companies. If your niche is make up then go for it. Some people are very successful with it. Shoes, now there is one I can get into. A shoe party. I’m down! Okay, I’m distracted. Back to network marketing and coaching.
It is our nature to think of all of the negative things or the things we have to DO. If I knew of all of the things I’d have to do to lose 40 pounds I don’t know if I would have made it. If I knew ahead of time all of the things I’d have to do to own a house I don’t know if I’d do it. If I knew of all of the things I’d have to do to be a star diamond coach I don’t know if I would have ever started. You must change your way of thinking. Open your mind. Open your heart.

The reality:
• Not a pyramid scheme
• I don’t sell. I share. The same way I’d share about a restaurant or a brand I like. If Nike paid me for everything I recommend I’d be a millionaire.
• I don’t host home parties. I do most things virtually.
• I have extra products now because I’ve been in this almost 2 years. But I don’t accept orders or deliver things. Beachbody does all of that for me.
• I only bought the stuff I was consuming for months. Eventually I shared and earned enough to buy extra things. I used all of the free tools to share and it was enough.
• Helping others and saving lives is more rewarding than sitting on the couch and watching movies.
• Serving and inspiring others is a great way to spend your life instead of being stuck in my little selfish bubble.
• You can actually earn a living by helping others.

Who is perfect for our team?
• You want more from life.
• You know you want to help others but you don’t know how.
• You want to be more accountable with your own health and fitness. The best way to learn is to teach someone else.
• You have integrity and a desire to pay it forward to those on the team.
• You want to go on awesome trips with your friends.

You don’t have to be me. Be you! Start working on yourself and improve every day. Imagine the person you will be a year from now if you start working on yourself. Join our team now and take the leap. Push yourself into a better life.

If you talk about something it’s a dream.
If you envision it, it gets exciting. But it still doesn’t happen.
When you begin to plan it, it’s possible.
When you schedule it, it’s real.

Schedule it. Make time for your life. Begin today. We can help you with your plan. No matter how big or small you think it is. Do you want to be in the same spot this time next year? Do you want to be worse off than you are now or do you want to be better?

Let’s do this!

Get paid for helping others

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