Fit to Fat to Fit Again

March 8th 2016

Fit to Fat to Fit again. Right now I’m in progress.
Have you seen the show where the personal trainer gains weight so he can lose weight with his clients?

Yes. that’s what I did. I didn’t plan on doing it but I did it.

Vulnerable post.

When I was at my lowest weight I was very unhealthy. It was 1997 and I was starving myself before my wedding. I was on diet pills and just drinking diet cokes. My hair was falling out. I was about 126 pounds and still wanted to be 115. That was the number I felt was the magic number.

The picture on the far left I was about 130 pounds and strong and very happy. HOWEVER, I still didn’t love myself or have gratitude for the body I had. Always searching for a low number on the scale and not internal love and happiness. I felt that I needed to be in the 120s.

I was searching for external things to help me love myself and things happened that I will not talk about and boom. Pound after pound added up and I became the middle picture. The jeans on the left didn’t fit. I couldn’t even get them close to on never mind trying to button them. They didn’t even fit. The shocking number 165. All I wanted to do was be back in the 150s and the 140s would be fantastic. 130 seems so far away.

Holy crap! How did I let this happen? I’m a coach!
I’m supposed to know how to do this.

I know there are people who would say Oh I wish I looked like your “FAT” picture. Don’t get me wrong. I do have gratitude for my body. I love myself. I have deep appreciation for my health and I know that I can be a better version of myself. Inside & out.

I want to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and show you that I can do it and that I can do it WITH YOU.

NOW I’m running my own FIT to FAT to FIT challenge. I’m putting it out there for accountability. I will no longer be a fraud.

It begins Monday March 21st.

You will see me post every single workout.
You will see me post when I’m struggling.
You will see me post when I feel strong.
You will see it all.
You will probably see more than you want to see.

I’m also putting it out there to have new head shots taken at the end of May in a bathing suit. I’m going to schedule it, pay for the session and make it happen.

I don’t have a number on the scale that I’m going for. I just want to follow the plan, honor myself and KNOW that I did the very best I could do.

As they say. Schedule it and it becomes real.

What is it?
I’m doing 22 Minute Hard Corps for 60 days.
I’m going to follow the meal plan.
I may struggle with wanting to have wine, chocolate or pizza but I’m going to show you the truth.

(See below the image on how to join the group.)

If you’d like to do this challenge TOGETHER then comment below. “I’m in”

We are worth it.
We deserve it.


Fit to fat to fit

Fit to Fat to Fit Again

Here are 2 ways to join this challenge with me.
I would prefer that you reach out to me to find out the best option for you.
If you are ready go to and want to be with me then here are the rules.

1) You must NOT be working with another coach. I will NOT steal or work with you if you already have a relationship with another coach. I’m sure your coach probably has a challenge group to help you. Reach out to him or her first. Email Heather
2) If you absolutely must be with me then we should talk first. Again. I’m not into stealing or stepping on toes.
3) If you are FREE to join me and are not connected to a coach then lets make this happen.
ORDER THE KIT that is right for you. I recommend the challenge pack because you get the most for your money and also get access to On Demand workouts. You can also order a base or deluxe kit. Any one of them can get you access into the challenge group but if you want to do exactly what I’m doing then get the challenge pack by ordering is as a customer or joining my team as a coach. Some links may differ if you live outside of the US.

Challenge pack as a customer 22 Minute Hard Corp Challenge pack
Base Kit 22 Minute Hard Corps Base Kit
Coach Sign up Become a coach with 22 Minute Hard Corps

4) After you order your kit please let me know. I want to make sure things ship and that you will correctly be added to my private support group.

Email Heather

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