Post Reset Check in – Almost 3 weeks after the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

June 6th 2012

We started the 21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset Monday April 30, 2012 and finished Sunday May 20, 2012. We are finished but it is not really finished. We are still taking maintenance supplements but very consistently. Once you go from rigid to FREE you kind of lose it a little. We broke the maintenance rules and had alcohol. Whoops. Big whoops. I can normally drink a bottle to myself and be okay. After the reset I can barely have 2 glasses.

What’s changed after almost 3 full weeks off of the Reset?

• No longer chew gum
• Rarely use the microwave
• More aware of the ingredients in my food
• I will drive 15 miles further for organic food choices
• Enjoy and appreciate my workouts
• My salads at lunch are awesome. I fill them with tons of stuff and they keep me full.
• Making more homemade soups
• Don’t buy salad dressing anymore. We make it at home.
• Haven’t had fast food since the reset (not chic fil a, subway. Nothing!)
• Eating significantly less dairy. I used to be a cheese fiend. Now I barely have yogurt.
• Better planner for meals. I’m willing to spend more time on myself and my meals.
• I use more spice and oils in my food prep
• We haven’t ordered pizza or Chinese food since the Reset. Hello! This is huge people. We love pizza. We have a different mindset and just don’t want it.
• Discovery of new items in the grocery store that are much healthier
• I’ve gained a little back. 2.5 pounds of the 13 I lost. I figured I would. I added back in an extra snack and I’ve had some alcohol a few times. Makes you realize what is important. Feeling good when you wake up or having a 3rd glass of wine just for fun.
• Spending less at the grocery store now. Buying less crap and more fresh stuff. Buying less alcohol and more distilled water. Buying less animal protein and more fresh produce, grains and nuts. It is way cheaper to buy quinoa than it is to get a steak or organic chicken breast.

Bottom line is that the Reset changed so many things for us in a positive way. If you are thinking about do it you must decide how much you really want it. You are worth it. Mark and I were able to make it work while both working jobs and our 6 year old in school, baseball and karate. Mother’s Day was during the reset for us. There is usually something going on. Just pick the 3 weeks where you have the least going on and just go for it. Your life will thank you for it. Just ask the people who have already completed it.

All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared...

You can do it.

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