The Gift of Your Pain

November 4th 2013

The Gift of Your Pain

Have you ever tried to numb yourself? Of course you have. We all have. We all numb ourselves in different ways even if we are not trying to numb ourselves. How? TV, food, alcohol, drugs, or mindless games. Why do we numb ourselves? We want to escape something. We want to escape our current reality. Why do we want to escape so much? What is so bad about our current reality? Everyone has a different pain. It could be a loss of a loved one, an illness, a loss of a job, being overweight, being alone, having a job you don’t like, not having enough money to pay the bills, or something else. We all have pain. What if you saw your pain as a gift? What if you learned from it? What if you took your pain and helped others through their pain?

pain and victory

Victory is Near!

In the last several years I’ve learned many things about myself and how I deal with stress, pain, anxiety and other outside and inside forces that keep me from my own inner peace.

What if problems were always gifts? What if every single problem really was a gift in your life? What if every single problem you had was life happening FOR you, not TO you? What if everything in our lives was guided? What if everything in our life was divine timing? Everything, even the pain. When you are in the darkest place. When you feel like all is lost. When you think there is no way to turn it around. Remember this. VICTORY IS NEAR! Victory is so near.

I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan. I’ve attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW) and walked on hot coals. That was just one part of that magical weekend. It opened my eyes to me. I have a goal to attend Date with Destiny. This is the video about it

Every time I watch it I cry. I think wow! Victory is near!

You have the power. You do. It is easy to make excuses. I hear them all the time. I used to say them. I don’t have time to do ________ because of ___________. I hear that excuse so many times and I really want to shake those people and ask them if the things they are choosing to spend their time on are really important. Is attending a football game and tailgating going to get you to your goals? Is getting caught up on Breaking Bad going to get you to your goals? Is playing Candy Crush going to get you to your goals? Is coaching your kids in every sport they are in going to get you to your goals? We all have 24 hours in a day. We all have pain. We all have busy lives. All of us. You are not more special or have bigger problems than I have. I am not more organized or have less on my plate than you do.
Today is the day you wake up. You must realize that you must invest in you. You must take ownership of your life. What is your pain? Do you see it as a gift?

I know for a fact that the pain I experience is teaching me things about myself and how to help others with similar pain. The fact that I am here right now writing this is a huge win. Less than 6 months ago I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I would be sitting in an IT meeting at a job. I decided to go for my goals and pushed to leave that job so I could go after my dreams. You have the power within you. You do. Know that you do. Believe that you do. Look at your problems and pain as a gift to you. What are you supposed to learn from them? How can pushing through help others? What kind of person will you become when you make it to the other side? Who do you need to become to get there?

Spend your time wisely. Stop numbing yourself. Stop making excuses. Invest in you. Know that your time is coming.

Victory is Near!

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