Abs by Summit 2013

March 19th 2013

92 Days to the Big Ab Reveal

Today marks 92 days until we show up in Vegas for the annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit. It will be my 3rd coach summit. Last year I just completed the 21 day Ultimate Reset and was very close to my goal weight. Then summer happened. We went to Cozumel, went to San Jose and saw Tony Robbins and didn’t have a plan. We gained some weight and didn’t stick to a schedule. I’m much more successful when I have a plan. A clear plan.

I had huge success on the reset. It was a 21 day plan. There was a start and a finish and a purpose. When completed Asylum it was a clear 30 day plan. When it is left up to me I just flail around. I pick whatever workout I want for the day and sort of plan my meals. If someone calls and says “meet me for dinner” then I’m out the door to meet them. I’d much rather have someone hand me a plate of food than have to stand in the kitchen and make something.

My workout plan was so out of sorts when I had my surgery. I was very good about my eating and then it fell apart. I got lazy. I got tired of cooking all the time and being the meal planner. Finally I admitted I wanted and needed help. As a couple we will plan meals and I will still do the shopping. We will pick the nights he will cook and which nights I will prepare and cook. We both enjoy cooking but sometimes it is overwhelming when only one person is doing all of it. The last thing you want to do sometimes is chop and cook when you get home.

Abs by Summit

Abs by Summit

Step 1: Have a blast at Disney World and on the plane home Sunday plan our meals for the next week. Shop on Monday and set ourselves up for success. We are bringing plenty of Shakeology and have access to workouts with Shaun T and Leandro so we are set for workouts.
Step 2: Blog every Tuesday and tell you about our progress.
Step 3: Stop declaring how badly I want abs and just get them already.

My Vices:
• Wine
• Snacking
• Sushi

• No wine in the house. I will allow myself wine when we are out to eat but not let it come into the house until I know how to manage that “trigger food.”
• No chips or “snacky” type foods in the house. I will snack of fruits and veggies. I will not buy chips.
• I regularly have sushi. It is one of my patterns to have sushi every Thursday. I will commit to only allowing myself to have sushi once a month instead of every week.
92 days to Summit. It’s On!!!

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