85 Days Until The Ab Reveal

March 26th 2013

85 Days Until the Ab Reveal

I pledged to post every Tuesday about my ab progress. Wednesday we hopped on a plane to Disney World. Thankfully it was a Beachbody trip so they had healthy food choices and we packed many supplements and snacks. Somehow wine, ice cream and French fries still made it into my mouth. Shocking! I allowed myself this final trip to have a few things. I don’t know why I “reward” myself with unhealthy food when it doesn’t reward me.

The last supper? Thin crust pizza.

We spent the day after Disney planning our meals for the week and hit the grocery store. We are totally committed to the ab reveal. So much so that we are not going to the Texas Rangers opening day this year. It is a day of drinking and eating and bad choices. I’m sure it is possible to attend a game without having a beer. One day I’ll try that. Not this year. We are choosing to stay away from temptation for the next 85 days as much as possible.
I’m tracking the days until Summit aka the ab reveal and the last day I had a drink. Saturday night at the Beachbody send off party at Epcot was the last time. Call me on it if the date changes.

Ab reveal countdown

Ab reveal countdown

Combat is up April 1st and will end toward the end of May. Then I will jump into P90X2 until Summit when T25 is released. I love Shaun T.

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