Are you a drama queen?

November 2nd 2012

Definition of a drama queen:
An overly dramatic person. Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion whenever the chance is given.

Most drama queens will not admit they are addicted to drama. They do not even know they are the one in control of their own life. They usually deflect and blame other people and situations for their terrible life and terrible luck.

Drama Queen

Are you a drama qeen?

Here is how to know if you are a drama queen:
• Someone asks “How are you today?” and you ramble on with a paragraph explaining your terrible morning instead of just saying “fine, I’m great, awesome, doing well and you?” Seriously, just respond like a normal person. The cashier doesn’t want to hear about your drama. Your co-worker doesn’t want to hear it and neither does anyone else either. If beign in a bad mood or having a bad day is only 10% of your life then maybe share it to make it better but if you are responding with “well let me tell you how my day has been going” no one wants that crap. Trust me.
• Things that happen to everyone are always huge things that ONLY happen to you. (flat tire, having your computer crash, waking up late, being assigned to bring snacks to soccer.) Stop acting like everything is an emergency. Unless you are on the way to the ER it is not an emergency. Don’t cry wolf. People will tend to not answer the phone or want to interact with you if all you do is bring drama into their lives.
• You post things on facebook like “I’m so pissed, the world sucks, FML, men suck, why do people suck, I don’t know why I bother, I deleted everyone who wasn’t my real friend, If only my ex wasn’t such a jerk, I’m sick and I’ve been throwing up all day, etc. etc. etc.) Posting cryptic things or negative things to invite people to say “what’s wrong, or oh honey I’m so sorry.” Or “I’m cleaning up my facebook friends list.” Who cares? Is attention seeking. I like to call it being an attention whore. If your life is sucking then change your state. Focus on negative and you will get more of that. Announce you are deleting people means you want attention.

I could go on and on with more examples but I’ll stop at the top 3. I’ve worked with drama queens before. I would run the other way when they came down the hall. What’s funny is the very attention they seek is robbed from them because they are so annoying to be around. If they just stopped and became normal they would get the attention they need/want.
How do you fix this? How do you changed from drama queen to queen of awesome? Decide to do it. Be aware of what you are thinking. Be aware of what you say before you say it. Start with that. Will this thought empower me? Will this post on facebook create drama in my life or lift me up? Will complaining about waking up late all day help or hurt my day? Will constantly bitching about my ex make him/her change or just rob me of my energy?

You must change your mindset and work on yourself if you want your world to get better. Take control today and have a drama free life.

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