Awesome Level Rising – Post Surgery

January 15th 2013

Surgery was Friday January 5th. The first several days were pretty boring. I couldn’t really sleep and had to sit up at a 45 degree angle and keep ice on my eyes at all times. You never really realize just how much you depend on your eyes when you can’t use them. Simple things like helping my son get ready for school or reading him a book at bedtime were over for a while.

Day 1:
We went into the Surgery Center in Fort Worth and they treated me like gold. My nurse Laura was amazing. She was so sweet and I didn’t even get a bruise from the IV. Miracle! Next thing I know I woke up and Mark took me home. He was so sweet to me. Our son was a gem too. He would check on me and lie next to me holding my hand.

Day 1 of eye surgery

Day 1 of eye surgery

The rest of the week was about the same. Improving every day and the swelling going down little by little. By day 7 I was ready to get up and move. I’m still not permitted to work out yet but I’ve been eating very clean and have lost about 8 pounds.
Today I get my stitches out. I’m very excited at how it turned out. Still no makeup for another week but that’s okay. It’s way easier to get ready in the morning without it.

10 days after Surgery

Day 10 after eye surgery

Day 10 after eye surgery

Totally pumped about 2013 and that I was given the opportunity to have this surgery. I’m 41 feeling awesome and now I’ll look as great as I feel. If there is something you’ve been wanting to do just do it. Do it for you!

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  1. Jeff Murray

    Way to go girl! The best money I ever spent was on a personal improvement. I had RK done when I was 25 to loose the glasses and get to 20/20 vision. I would do it again!!!!


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