Balance your pH and save your life.

May 9th 2013

Balance your pH and save your life.

Did that catch your attention? Do you even know what pH is? pH refers to acid-alkaline balance. Many western doctors do not use this as a practice to treat patients and many times it is not even considered as an issue. Tests happen, drugs are given and even surgeries and procedures that are not necessary.

1 is extremely acidic and 14 is totally alkaline. Your body wants to be slightly alkaline. The blood wants to maintain 7.35 to 7.45 and fights to do it. Acidic foods and drinks push you toward 1 and highly alkaline foods take you toward 14.
The more acidic your body the more it has to fight to stay balanced. Your body will pull alkaline from reserves, then from sugars, then from protein, and even from your bones. This is why you see people shrinking as they get older. The body has lived a highly acidic life for so long it began to go for the bones. Do you find yourself tired and sick or falling into disease. (I mean dis – ease as in out of ease.) What do we do? Go to the doctor and get a pill that may add more acidity into our blood.

Acid Alkaline pH

Acid Alkaline pH

What causes acid in our bodies?
1) Emotions and stress causes the most acid. It doesn’t matter how much healthy food and drink you put into your body if you are constantly in a state of stress then you will have to do more work to balance the pH.
2) Food and drink. See the graphic source from for a scale of acidic to alkaline foods
3) There are other factors that can contribute but are not common to most so I’ll move on.

Why should you care about your pH? Can’t you just take a pill or an antacid? You should care because your blood carries important things around your body so you can survive. Not taking care of the most important thing to your survival is foolish.

When your pH gets below 7 to around 6.8 that is when disease symptoms begin.
When your pH gets to around 5.8 that is when cancer cells begin to grow.
When your pH gets to around 3.5 the body cannot sustain life. That is why it is so critical to the body to stay balanced.

A story pulled from a Tony Robbins session stated that a woman had a history of high cholesterol in her family. Her father and mother both died in their 40’s. Her sister died at age 39 and she was at 37 with cholesterol higher than 400. 200 is considered high so she was off the charts. She had people studying her and trying medications, diets and everything. It wasn’t until she tried balancing her pH did things really change for her. She started taking an alkaline supplement daily and within 6 weeks lost 50 pounds and dropper her cholesterol 190 points. Turns out her cholesterol was so high because the body was over producing it to protect her blood vessels from thinning out due to having a highly acidic environment.

What is the point of all of this? To help you see how your diet is more important to your health than anything you can do.
Person 1:
Drinks coffee every day, eats donuts 1 or 2 times a week, eats pizza, pasta, hamburgers, chips, salsa, some fruit, some veggies but not many, soft drinks, beer and other processed foods. Sick often, has allergies, feels tired and needs coffee and or sugar to get through the day.
Person 2:
Drinks coffee, eats raw almonds as a snack, egg whites, only has meat 1 or 2 times a week, rarely has soft drinks, occasionally drinks wine, eats many leafy greens and whole grains and takes a daily alkaline supplement. Rarely sick and has sustained energy throughout the day.

It wouldn’t take you long to realize who has the more balanced pH. Even with person 2 drinking coffee and alcohol which are highly acidic. Person 2 balances his body by eating many alkaline foods and taking a supplement.

What do you do now? Spending years taking medications and eating processed foods isn’t that difficult to break. Once you start to balance your body it will want to stay balanced. Nothing tastes as great as being healthy feels.

1) Ditch as many acidic things as you can from your diet. Soda, coffee, processed foods.
2) Start taking an alkaline supplement. You can find them at most health food stores and even at grocery stores in the vitamin section. I take this one Alkalinize Supplement
and I’ve also seen some advertised online on the Tony Robbins site. Usually called super greens or wheat grass. Sometimes I just drink it like a shot or I add it to my daily shake and can barely taste it.
3) Add more alkaline foods to your diet ASAP!
4) Go to your local pharmacy and get some pH strips to test your level. You can also find some online. Test your level before you make any changes and several times during your change period. Once you see your body is at a great level then you know what to do to keep yourself balanced.

Get started today. Recognize where you are now and work to get balanced. Stop stressing and get balanced.