Insanity Certification Recap

May 30th 2013

On May 18th I took Insanity Certifcation. It was amazing. I walked in pretty nervous. I’m not a fitness instructor or a personal trainer. It was out of my comfort zone. 1/2 the class were already instructors of some sort and knew how to queue people. It was a full day. We kicked off the training with a full Insanity Max Interval workout. We used the music and program workout that we would be teaching to others.

Beachbody hit this one out of the park. I heard from other fitness instructors who said this was their FAVORITE certification by a mile. This was my first one ever and I’m so glad I was introduced to teaching by this program. So easy to queue, so easy to modify and it is not complicated to show people the moves. They give you music and each month you will get a new routine and music sent to you or a gift.

Before and after Insanity certification


In summary: If you are thinking of becoming a fitness instructor or you already are one then you NEED to do this certification ASAP. There are tons of gyms, rec centers, YMCAs and more who want this class.

If you are a Team Beachbody coach you get 10% off of the class.

If you want to be a coach for the discount sign up here.

If you don’t care about that and just want to be certified then go here.

Of course I highly recommend being a coach. Why not? You are in a class full of people who want to take Insanity and could use you to help them.

Can’t wait for my certification results so I can be official.

4 comments on “Insanity Certification Recap

  1. Brett

    Congrats on surviving the Insanity Certification, Heather! I am getting certified this Satruday and am really nervous as it seems you were. I am not a instructor or trainer either. Any tips you could give?

    1. Heather Post author

      I was super nervous. It was a great certification. My top tips are to bring water, snacks, a towel and a jacket just in case the room gets cold during the breaks.
      There were plenty of non-trainers/instructors in the group so don’t worry. Every one of them said it was the best cert they have ever had and the best one to start a beginner in too. Let me know how it goes!
      I’m getting on the list at the YMCA by my house to teach it in the fall. Comfort zone push. AHHHHH

  2. Janelle

    My Piloxing instructor recommended this certification to me, and I also am not an instructor or trainer. I have been working out consistently 3 to 5 times a week for the last four years so think I’m in good shape. I’m nervous about the exam. If you haven’t done the DVD’s and just do the certification, is the exam still easy to pass? It’s been a long time since I graduated college… :)

    1. Heather Post author

      I found the test was easy to complete. The instructors were very helpful and it wasn’t that difficult.


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