Day 1 Asylum complete

April 20th 2011

Challenging is the best word I can come up with to describe this workout. Made it through the fit test on Friday before I started to get sick. Went down for the count late Saturday night and by Sunday I was hating it. Monday and Tuesday were have work half rest. I forced myself to lie in bed all day Tuesday. That is one of my problems. My mind will not shut off and I have this constant to-do list running. I forced myself to turn off my mind and chill. My body and mind appreciated it. I felt well enough to attempt Day 1 of Insanity The Asylum.
Jumping rope: I suck at it.
Ladder drills: I don’t suck as bad at it.
I’m better at things due to Insanity that is for certain! Planks, moving push ups, high knees, mountain climbers, power jumps. The list goes on. Doing the Heisman through the ladder was nuts. I can’t wait to get better at this workout.
We will also follow the 14 day shred menu as closely as possible. Easter is Sunday and we are going to someone’s home. Some things are out of my control. Drank my Shakeology for breakfast and I have my fruit and boiled eggs as a snack later. It is all up to me. My little choices will take me to my goal.

Here is the video Reese (our 5 year old) took. He woke up as we were stretching.

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