Insanity The Asylum Day 2

April 21st 2011

Wow. I am loving this workout. Day 1 I was super scared. I was still recovering from a cold and dizzy. Day 2 rocks. Strength. The mixture of weights and cardio is great. When you are really pushing it during the warm up and Shaun T. says “yeah and this is just the warm up.” you think uh oh. But I felt it was very doable. I used lower level dumbells and didn’t use the chin up bar. I have one but I still need to put it together. Heck, I’m only on day 2.

Felt much better during this workout than yesterday. My cough is starting to leave. I’m feeling body parts getting a little sore from yesterday. Ate pretty well yesterday too. Looking forward to another day of cleaner eating.

Time to be more accountable. I want all of you to ask me if I’m sticking to my food goals.

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