Insanity The Asylum Day 16 – Vertical Plyo not a favorite

May 5th 2011

Vertical Plyo again. Yuck. Not my favorite at all. I love the 1 hour Game Day workout more than this 38 minute workout. Maybe it is all of the jumping and how high my heart rate gets. The warm up is a killer. I felt the same way about Plyo when doing Insanity but then it became one of my favorite workouts. It is the one that makes me cry at the end because I can leave it all on the floor. So for now I will resist the love for Vertical Plyo. I will continue to do it as instructed and push through. Who knows, maybe it will be my favorite.

My left calf was a little sore today. My back is sore. I feel my abs and stomach getting tighter. I feel stronger. The workouts seem easier if that can be possible. I’m totally amazed that after 16 days I feel this awesome and have this much strength. I need a message. I’m totally getting a pedicure today. I deserve it. Wish I had time for a massage.

I connected with some great customers in the last few days. Ones that really need help getting on track. I’ve found my calling. Helping others. It makes my world go around. I helped two people sign up as coaches last night. So excited to introduce two more coaches into a great team of people. I love Team Beachbody and how it has changed my life and those around me. Very cool to be a part of something so wonderful.

One comment on “Insanity The Asylum Day 16 – Vertical Plyo not a favorite

  1. Phillip

    regular sit ups, sit ups with your legs elevated and crsoesd, the plank and both side planks (if you google these exercises itl show you how to do them if you dont already know, the exercise where you lie flat on your back and raise your legs slowly from the floor , hold and them raise them down slowly (without touching them off the ground before the next rep) .if you do these in certain reps like start off with maybe a minute of each taking maybe 15 seconds in between then repeating again you should build muscle in no time! also cardio like running and swimming will help!


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