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The Big News

June 14th 2013
I’m free to follow my passion. Here is the big news. I’ve been teasing you for weeks. No more beating around the bush. I’m a full time Team Beachbody coach. Yep that’s right! I did it. We did it. I feel so freaking awesome I could catch a bullet in my teeth and fly around the world reversing the rotation. Seriously serious! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I’m pushing way out of my comfort zone on this one. I spent most of my adult life following other people’s Continue Reading >

Happy 2 Year Anniversary

November 2nd 2012
Whoa! 2 years. What happens in 2 years? In November 2010 I became a Team Beachbody coach. I’m absolutely amazed at how much our lives have changed in 2 short years. I could ramble on and on about how awesome things are now. Many of you do not know my life before I was a coach in the public eye. I don’t want to get into too much detail but let’s just say that it wasn’t all that happy. We were getting by. We were like most families just trying to make it. It is difficult to admit but Continue Reading >

Team Beachbody launching in Canada

September 29th 2012
Team Beachbody launches in Canada Beachbody ships orders all over the world but only residents of the United States, Puerto Rico and military bases were eligible to participate in the coaching opportunity. There is no better time to get in on an opportunity than now. Five years ago when Team Beachbody launched no one knew what would happen. Now we know. We know how successful this can be and it is only getting better. We are helping more people get healthy and fit. Even if you've never considered Continue Reading >


March 19th 2012
Scatter Brained Over the moon with excitement about this upcoming trip to the Bahamas. I have to perform a brain dump. I spent most of my adult life insecure about myself. The way I looked, the way I felt, and in my abilities to do anything. I was afraid to try. I was afraid to fail. I was afraid. Even when I was at my lowest weight ever I was still critical of myself. I needed a flatter stomach. I needed to be a smaller size. I never looked at myself and said nice things. I would look at other Continue Reading >

Change. Do you really want it? Are you ready for the Challenge?

March 17th 2012
Change. Do you really want it? Are you ready for the Challenge? I’m not singling out any one person in this post. I’ve had tons of people tell me they want help. They want to lose weight. They want to feel better. In the same breath they also tell me that they do not want to work out, they do not want to get up early, they don’t have time, or they don’t have money. I have to ask my spouse, I’m going on vacation, I’ve been sick, I’ve got a lot going on. The list goes on and on. My Continue Reading >

Top Reasons I recommend being a Team Beachbody coach

March 10th 2012
Top Reasons I recommend being a Team Beachbody coach Accountability: If you struggle with your weight , body image and staying in a routine then coaching is perfect for you. Some people say, “I am over weight how can I coach?” Simple. You are on a journey just like everyone else. No one is perfect. They may look perfect but there is always room to improve. I yo-yo dieted for most of my adult life. Lose 10, gain 20, lose 20, gain 40. Being a coach helps keep you accountable. You are on a Continue Reading >

A year in review

December 17th 2011
A year in review The last 12 months have been great. Ups and downs but mostly ups. I was talking to a friend, who is now one of my best friends, and she asked me what we were doing a year ago. In December 2010 I has just signed up to be a Team Beachbody coach and had zero clue what was about to happen in my life. Joined a 90 Days to Diamond group and that is where I met my friend Rhonda. She is like a sister. It is nuts. We are twins separated at birth. We share the same passion for things and Continue Reading >

Easy vs Not Easy

November 18th 2011
Lets get real. I know getting and staying motivated is a challenge. Sometimes a daily or hourly challenge. Lets look at what is easy to do and what isn't easy. See if you agree. Easy to do: Lie in bed and hit snooze Go through the drive thru Order take out Sit on the couch and veg out Put on sweat pants Complain about what isn’t working Blame others for my lack of time and motivation Not easy: Paying thousands on health care due to weight related illness Losing time/money at Continue Reading >

You Can’t Afford to NOT drink Shakeology?

September 22nd 2011
The costs. Lets add it up to see if you can afford to NOT drink Shakeology. I’m not a sales person. Never claimed to be and don’t want to be. I simply share what is working for me and those around me. Very similar to recommending a restaurant, a movie, a microwave, a local business or hair stylist. You recommend what you like. You recommend what you want others to enjoy. You recommend what you would use over and over again. You recommend what works for you. The breakdown: Retail Continue Reading >

Insanity Day 40 Something

August 23rd 2011
Insanity, day 40 something. Check. Now to the point of the story. Motivation. How do I stay motivated to workout and stay fit. Coaching. Coaching is key. Have you tried a Beachbody fitness program and loved it? P90X, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6 or something else? There are so many. How many time have you heard "oh my gosh you look great what are you doing?" You answer "P90X" and then point them to the Beachbody website. You've had your own Beachbody transformation Continue Reading >