Life Changing Experience

April 2nd 2012

Dreaming big. I can dream big. I do dream big. I’ll lie in bed or day dream about where I believe my life will be at the end of the year, 5 years, 10 years. Have you ever just sat down and really thought about it?

I know for many years I thought I did. But I really didn’t. I’d think about what it would be like to be rich or have ripped abs. What would my life be like? Then I started to think about the “how” too much. How would I actually get there? Would my company get bought out and I’d make millions? Would I win the lottery? Would someone I didn’t know die and leave me tons of money? Would I rescue some famous person from death and they’d reward me with millions? All wild, goofy thoughts. None of them had an action plan. All of them left things to chance. None of them had anything to do with me having goals and working toward something. How would I pay off my debt? How would I save for college for my son? How would I pay for that family trip? How would I afford the anniversary dinner and the new outfit I want? Do I have enough in my account to buy this?

What is my passion? What do I want to do? Where should I spend my time? Where is my time best spent? I used to be one of those people spinning my wheels. I’ve been laid off twice. I’ve been in danger of losing my job a few times but made it through the cuts. I was at the mercy of others. I was the victim and I played it well. I’d get laid off and then sit in a bar and drink with everyone else complaining about all the things that “they” did to us. What next? We are all unemployed, the economy sucks, I have nothing in savings, I have to cash in my 401K again, I’m living pay check to pay check so how will I survive? Oh I know, go get a crappy job just like it and work there until I get laid off again. Done. Then what? Get another job just like that one and get yelled at on a daily basis about reports and numbers that don’t matter to anyone but some big wig in New York. Then what? Quit and get a different job and continue the search. The search for what makes me come alive and pay my bills at the same time.

Enter Beachbody.
I didn’t know the full opportunity when I said yes. In fact, I said NO 3 times. I claimed to be too busy. I didn’t have the money to do anything more than what I was already doing. Something nagged at me over and over. This is your life speaking to you, are you going to listen? If you want to graduate from college you can’t just register for classes and expect a diploma. You must attend classes and do the work. Same with health, fitness and building your own business. You must put in the work.


Decide, Commit. Succeed

Most of you know, that have been following me for a while, know I’ve been a coach with Team Beachbody since November 2010. I spent all of 2011 setting monthly goals and hitting them. I had my ups and downs with my fitness but never really fell off the wagon the way I used to. Coaching helped me stay on track and accountable to my goals. To the goals of those around me.

Mark, my awesome husband, helped me every step of the way. He watched our son so I could attend events. He put up with me on phone calls several nights per week. He only got slightly annoyed when I started at my phone for hours checking messages. My goals were important to me. I wanted to prove I could earn the trip to Atlantis. I wanted to prove that I had it in me. I could help enough people. I wasn’t going to be just about me. Just about my bills. Just about my little world. I was going to make it about more than me.

Time and consistency paid off. I hit every goal every month. Some months were easier than others. Life happened. Weddings, funerals, trips to the emergency room, injuries, haters, supporters, events, ½ marathons, travel , birthdays and life. I stopped making excuses for my failures and started accepting them and pushing through them. That is when I grew the most.

You Earned It

Set goals, you never know what may happen.

The trip was the most amazing reward I’ve ever received for work. I’ve never worked so hard at a goal or a “job” in my life.
We arrived on Wednesday excited and ready to take it all in. I got to swim with Dolphins. We hung out with friends, met new friends ,and had awesome experiences together. Dancing, drinks, dinners, pictures, work outs on the beach with the celebrity trainers.
We worked out with Shaun T and Tony Horton. I really thought I’d cry the minute I got to the Atlantis but I didn’t. It wasn’t until the last day. We were on the beach in the morning doing Yoga with Tony Horton and it all hit me. This is real. This is my purpose. This is our purpose. To be together as a couple and help as many people as possible to get here. To get healthy and fit. To be at peace with your body and mind. Is there anything more important? If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

We decided not to take our son on this trip. We hadn’t been to the beach as a couple since 2003. I also wanted Mark to meet and hang out with the coaches and not have to worry about a sitter or putting someone to bed. We were on our own schedule to sleep and eat and hang out. Mark attended several business sessions with me. The last one was the kicker. Craig Holiday spoke for about 45 minutes. His words hit Mark hard. It was like this little flash light flicker turned into a huge spot light. The light came on for Mark and it came on strong. What is your purpose? Why are you here? Are you living your purpose? Beachbody is bigger than P90X. It is bigger than Shakeology. It is not about money. It is a life changing company. I really can’t explain how this trip made things very clear.
After we left that event we headed back to our room to change and go to the beach. We wanted to enjoy time with the waves on our last day. We spent hours talking about goals and who we wanted to take this journey with us. The trip next year is at Disney World. We will take our son on that one for sure.
We finished up our day on the beach and changed and headed to the last party. My mind was still spinning. I forgot to take so many pictures with people. At the end of the party they launched the most amazing fire work show I had ever seen up close. It filed me with emotion I can’t explain. I turned to my success partner and we hugged each other and cried. We cried a lot. It was surreal.

We are here because we didn’t give up. We took the time to reach out to people every day even when we were tired. We followed up. We listened to their needs and offered solutions. Because of our persistence we are that much closer to our own dreams. Because of our persistence we are changing the lives of others.
This year it was just me and Mark. We didn’t have anyone from our downline with us. Next year, at Disney World I expect to have people with us. I know that the trip will be emotional for them. To know that what you did meant something. You helped people. You paid it forward. You gave and received. You gave more, you received more. You gave even more and received even more.

Almost every day I wake up and offer gratitude. I’m not a victim of circumstance. I’m moving toward goals and targets and helping others reach theirs. Service to many leads to greatness. That is what I hope and pray for most days. “How can you use me for a purpose bigger than myself?”

Do you know your purpose? Are you living it?

What once was a scary step and a leap of faith has turned into the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I’m living in the flow of my destiny and it feels so awesome. Imagine a day when you look in the mirror and you love yourself. Imagine a day when you look at your bank account and it has more money than you have bills. Imagine a day when you look into your future and you are not scared or filled with worry. Imagine that day is today. It is for me.
Let me help you get there. It is possible.



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