P90X Day 19 from the perspective of an Insanity Lover

October 21st 2011

Day 19 of P90X and I’m still alive! My very first program was Insanity in the summer of 2010. I’ve made it through 2 complete rounds and 1 complete round of Insanity the Asylum. It seems like I was avoiding P90X. I was. I didn’t want to lift weights. I felt it was boring. Going wheels off to Insanity was up my ally. No offense to Tony Horton but I just didn’t want to spend 90 days lifting weights. Boy was I ever wrong!

Pull ups? ha! I use a chair to help me do them. I do my best and forget the rest. The first few days I was so sore I could barely move and I was drinking recovery drink.
Yoga X. 90 minutes! Whoa. I like yoga but some of the transitions take a while. Sometimes I fast forward through the Vinyasas to get through it faster so I can get to work.
Kenpo X. Not a fan. Yet. It is confusing to me and my heart rate doesn’t get very high. I’m working on this. I’m skipping Kenpo tomorrow because I’ll be working out LIVE with Shaun T. Super excited.
Ab Ripper X. Love it. I love working my abs and it seems to be getting easier. Yoga is getting easier too.

Results from the first 3 weeks.
Lost 3 pounds, 1 inch from my chest, 1 inch from my waist, and 1/2 inch from my hips.
The weight lifting isn’t as scary as I thought. And it isn’t that boring either. It goes by fast and Tony Horton is hilarious. I can’t believe it’s already been 3 weeks. We are about to enter week 4 which is a recovery week so that’s cool. I’m looking forward to seeing the new workouts and trying Cardio X and Stretch X.

Someone asked me how P90X compares to Insanity. I prefer to do Insanity in the morning. It is intense and gets my blood pumping. Plyo in P90X was kind of a joke compared to Insanity plyo. Still gets your blood pumping but not nearly as intense. I prefer to do weights and pull ups in the afternoon or evening. I never thought I’d be an afternoon person but with P90X I am. Interesting how that changed. It really doesn’t compare to me. They are different. It depends on your goals and abilities. Bad knees? I probably wouldn’t recommend Insanity because of the jumping and fast paced moves. You never know which one will be your favorite until you try them. I’m not picking P90X as my favorite just yet. I’m only on week 3 but it is a great workout.

Mark and I find ourselves staring in the mirror checking out our bodies all the time now. This video clip best describes what is going on in our house right now on Day 19! Heck this started on day 9. Can’t wait to see what happens on Day 45 or day 60 or Day 90. I’m amazed at the results.

Tip of the day: Don’t forget to breathe.

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