Preparing for the 21 day Ultimate Reset

August 23rd 2013

Preparing for the 21 day Ultimate Reset

You are ready to feel better. You are ready to lose weight. You are ready to have energy. Or you are at the weight you want but you just want to reset a few things in your body. I’ll share the top questions I receive about the Ultimate Reset and help you decide if it is the right thing for you.

My background and knowledge in the product:
• I’ve completed it 4 times from day 1 to day 21.
• The Reset has slightly changed from when it was first released in April 2012 and I’ve completed both versions.
• I’m not a nutritionist, vegan or vegetarian.
• I would define myself as an emotional eater.
• Love the way I feel after a good work out and I love to run and compete in races.

Some information about the Reset:
• This is NOT a juicing cleanse or a cleanse to lose weight. Weight loss does happen for most people but that is not the main purpose of it.
• It is a very detailed plan with real food and supplements.
• The supplements are gluten free and made from quality ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors. They are what they are.
• It is 21 days. The 1st week has animal protein. You can have salmon, chicken, yogurt and eggs. There is also a VEGAN version of the Reset in the book provided so don’t worry if you are not into animal protein. The 2nd and 3rd week is vegan. You are having vegetables, fruits and very little grains and nuts.
• It is NOT recommended to keep the same strenuous workout schedule. If you are in the middle of training for a marathon I would wait until that time is up and then start the Reset.
• There is a complete study by the Journal of Chiropractic medicine about the Reset and how it works.

I have a timeline recommendation:
Some people don’t do enough research. They see some weight loss results from people, order the kit and then think they will start the very next day. You must take some time to review the materials and prepare.
1) Order the kit
2) Read the book and watch the DVDs included in the kit. There are dual kits available if you wanted to do it with a buddy or spouse. Ask your coach about getting added to a support group. It is so much better to share the experience with others.
3) Start shopping for your items on the weekly shopping lists. (provided online) To limit the stickers shock on the first shopping trip start picking up the items that will not spoil. Oils, nuts, spices, beans, rice, quinoa, oatmeal.
4) Pick your date and start your journey. We usually started on a Monday. It was easier for us to shop every Sunday for the new week coming up. Some people begin on Wednesdays. It is up to you.

Preparing for the Ultimate Reset

Preparing for the Ultimate Reset

Top questions:
Question: Can I still work out while doing the Reset?
Answer: The first time I did the Reset I didn’t work out much at all. I took walks and did some light yoga. The second time I did the Reset I did start working out in week 2. I started to do some light running and some weights. Listen to your body. It is only 3 weeks to give it a break. You shouldn’t be pushing your body to the limits building up lactic acid while cleansing. Take it easy.

Question: I really need to run to feel sane. I don’t want to give up running. Why do I have to stop running?
Answer: If you want to change things you must change. You can give up running for 3 weeks to achieve other health goals. I was afraid to stop working out for 3 weeks. I lived. Your identity is not a runner. Figure out who you are besides a runner and embrace that part of you during the Reset.

Question: How expensive is the food each week? I’m on a tight budget.
Answer: The first week seemed to be the most expensive the very first time we did it because of all of the spices and oils. Once you have all of those things you don’t have to buy them again for a long time. This is why I recommend getting your kit early and checking out the shopping lists. Check out the dollar store, the famers market, and watch the sales in your local grocery store. The money we saved by not eating out for 3 weeks pretty much covered the costs and then some.

Question: How difficult are the recipes? I’m busy.
Answer: I’ve seen people who travel for a living still complete the Reset. There is a “Reset in a crunch” option too to make is super easy. Most of the time involved is chopping veggies than it is cooking. Sometimes what you have for dinner is your lunch the next day so you can just make extra at night and have it the next day. It is really good about helping you keep it as simple as possible.

Question: What if I don’t like the food in the recipe? Can I eat something else?
Answer: I hate cilantro. I seriously do. I will NOT put it on anything. I don’t buy it. I will alter the recipe and just not add it. The first time we did the reset we pretty much followed the plan with the exception of cilantro. We didn’t care for the tempeh. Some other peopled loved it. So when we did it the second time we used a different meal from the same week.

Why on earth have I completed the Ultimate Reset 4 times? Because it is a great program that works. I know that when I have a plan and focus I am successful. When all of the tools are given to me I can do it. When I wing it or it is left up to me to figure it out I’m not as successful. This plan tells you what to eat, when to eat it and I love that!
As I type this I’m on day 19. I’ve lost 10 pounds. All of the vacation weight that I packed on over the summer by not being on plan. It was just what I needed to refocus on my health. My husband has lost 17 pounds. I want to slap him.
What have we learned and adopted from the Reset?
• We make our own salad dressings.
• We make many of the recipes now every week. They are easy, healthy and taste great.
• Food we used to crave and really enjoy now hurts our stomach and we don’t care for it anymore.

• It makes you very aware of your food. When and what you are eating makes a huge difference in your energy level, digestion, and more.
It is 3 weeks out of 52. In 3 weeks you can lose weight, lower cholesterol, regulate your blood sugar and more.
If you suffer from many physical issues you should consider treating it with food instead of drugs. If you need to focus and have a plan you should do it. Don’t think of all of the reasons why it wouldn’t work for you. Sure I love to drink wine and have chips but I can give up anything for 3 weeks. It’s only 3 weeks.

Visit Ultimate Reset for more details.

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