Push Through Fear

May 12th 2014

Yes, this is me jumping off of a 40 foot cliff in Jamaica last summer. I was scared out of my mind. My heart was racing. I made up my mind before I even got there that I was going to do it no matter how scared I was and I said I was going first. I did it and when I jumped I didn’t hesitate. Just let my heart race and took the biggest leap of my life. I screamed and grabbed my boobs. I guess I felt like I had to hold onto something. What a rush! I’m not saying go cliff jumping. I’m saying that you need to push past your fears. After I jumped I couldn’t go back. I was committed to hitting the water.

Lesson of the day:
The fear you feel can cripple you or drive you to take new chances and make changes that will open your life to amazing things. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Jamaica cliff jumping

Jamaica cliff jumping

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