Team Beachbody launching in Canada

September 29th 2012

Team Beachbody launches in Canada
Beachbody ships orders all over the world but only residents of the United States, Puerto Rico and military bases were eligible to participate in the coaching opportunity.

Team Beachbody Canada

Team Beachbody Canada

There is no better time to get in on an opportunity than now. Five years ago when Team Beachbody launched no one knew what would happen. Now we know. We know how successful this can be and it is only getting better. We are helping more people get healthy and fit. Even if you’ve never considered network marketing in the past you should consider it now. It is always best to get in early. The earlier the better. The longer you wait the lower your position becomes. It is that simple. Be one of the first to join the team and be a founding Team Beachbody coach in Canada.

What is the coaching opportunity?
This video explains the coaching opportunity well. How your transformation and desire to pay it forward and help others get healthy can turn into something more.

Become a member of our team and help us end the trend of obesity in all of North America.

Contact me and I’m happy to answer questions before you join our team.

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