BLTs on Day 16 of the Ultimate Reset

October 9th 2012

BLT’s When I say BLT what do you think about? Probably bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich right? When I say BLT I mean Bites, licks and tastes. BLT’s can be the downfall of your nutrition and stop you from hitting your goal. The Ultimate Reset makes you aware just how much you spend calories on BLT’s.

chips and salsa

I could eat bowls of this and drink salsa

I’m a BLT offender when I’m:
• Making my son his breakfast, lunch or dinner. If there is something on the side I would pop it in my mouth. Cut the crusts off his sandwich, I’ll just eat it.
• When my son is finished eating something is left on the plate. Oh, that shrimp looks good. I think I’ll have it.
• At a birthday party. I’m cutting the cake and icing gets on my hand. I’ll just lick my finger. No problem.
• At a buffet or salad bar. I’ll admit I haven’t been to a buffet in years. I went to one while on an all-inclusive vacation but I never pay for a buffet. I think they are gross now. The food is rarely that great and it is just sitting there for hours on hot plates. The one and only I visit is Jason’s deli salad bar. It is so fresh and awesome. Sorry for the distraction. If I’m at a buffet I tend to go back for several trips. Regular restaurant, one plate and that’s it.
• During the holidays. You visit a party or someone’s house and they have a bowl of nuts, or candy, or chips and salsa. I may have a few handfuls and not realize.
• At a restaurant with a chip bowl or bread basket. Do I even need to explain this one? It’s almost its own meal.
• While cooking. Making spaghetti sauce, or chili or something similar. I must “taste” it a few times to make sure it is edible.
• While at the grocery store. You know when they have those sample trays out for you to just have a taste.

While on the Reset I’m very aware of all of these. So many times I wanted to grab that last bite of pancake or take a taste while I was cooking. We haven’t been out to eat anywhere so it is not much of a problem to avoid chip and bread baskets. We are going to the Greek Festival over the weekend and that will be a challenge. We love Greek food and having a great time with our friends while socializing over food and drink. This time we will go and just enjoy the company and not eat. Crazy!
I’m thinking about Week 4. Even though there isn’t an official week 4 of the Reset I’m going to do week 1 in reverse to slowly add animal protein back to my diet. I haven’t craved wine yet so that’s cool. I feel great about that. The visual of 2 glasses of red wine equaling 15 teaspoons of sugar is nasty to me. No wonder it’s taken me this long to hit my goal. I’m ruing my work with wine.

Day 16 is happening now. This time it seems to be going much faster than the first time. The meals are not a surprise. I know how to modify things. I’m used to the supplements.

Week 4 is going to be week 1 in reverse plus added snacks and bigger portions. I want to get back to running and working out. Week 5 will be several recipes from week 1 again and visiting a restaurant. I still don’t plan on having wine for as long as I can make it. I really want to hit my goal before November 15th. I know it is possible.

The Reset was just what I needed to give me the structure to succeed.

Stop the BLTs and get control.

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