The emotional eater’s gift

August 6th 2013

The Ultimate Reset is the bomb. You may have watched me go through it in the past. I’ve blogged about my journey with the Reset and had super results. Then something happens when it is over. I get lazy or I cross the finish line and go back to some of my old ways. The worst habit I have, or used to have is mindless snacking. I don’t snack on ice cream sandwiches or doritos but I snack non-stop for hours sometimes. What do I snack on? Hummus and veggies, lentil chips, popcorn, dark chocolate chips, and then still have a meal.

Typical day:
Workout, drink a Shakeology, feel awesome and get on with my day. Lunch time rolls around and I might make a salad at home or meet someone for lunch out and have one. Then the afternoon rolls around. I might eat an apple with peanut butter or I might just eat a whole bag of chips. Then I would go back to the fridge for hummus, then go back to the cupboard for something else, then go back to the fridge for something else and then start cooking dinner. I may or may not have wine while I’m cooking but I would totally have it with dinner or after until I went to bed. I would have wine every night but several nights a week is a good bet.

I did my best to meal plan this summer and cooked many healthy meals at home. I allowed so many distractions to derail my progress. When I look back, none of it was worth it. I will not blame my husband or anyone else for my choices. I was easily swayed. My husband would text me “what’s for dinner?” and if I told him Squash and beans or something healthy he would say “let’s go out to eat” I would usually agree and we would go spend $100 plus on a meal and wine and then do it all again. We kept treating ourselves with food. The reward for a long day was sitting at a place and having someone serve you. Not standing in the kitchen cooking more.
That is just it. Feeding your body healthy foods is not a chore. It is a gift. My body and mind feel terrible when I feed it terrible foods. After I eat pizza I’m bloated, my stomach hurts, I’m sluggish and usually just go right to bed. Don’t forget to add guilt on top of that. We partied all summer. Vegas trips, pool parties, and a trip to Jamaica. Every day we were tired and worn out. Drinking and eating too much. Major gluttony.

The Reset to the rescue. We were both very excited to do the Reset this time. I know we are only on day 2 but it is already awesome. Lost 4 pounds of garbage already and feeling focused and great. 3 weeks of focus to get me back on track is just what I need. When I feed my body good, clean food it feels awesome. When I feed my body sugar, alcohol or other processed foods it feels bad and I feel guilty.

Ultimate Reset Snack

Snack time on the 21 day ultimate reset

So many people tell me it is pricey or they don’t want to spend the money and quit. Don’t quit. Spend the money, invest in yourself. When think back to the money I spent in restaurants or in lost time lying around it kind of makes me mad at myself. I know I have the power to focus. Anyone can focus for 3 weeks. Anyone. Control your own life and be in control of what you put in your mouth. Your body and mind will thank you. If you are struggling with that last 10 pounds or need to kick start a 100 pound weight loss this is for you. I’ve seen so many people change their lives. They get off of medications, lower cholesterol and more. It is not about weight loss. It is about reseting your body and mind to be healthier. The video below is proof that it works.

Ask me questions. Take the time to put yourself and your health at the top of your list. Don’t think of all of the reasons why you might fail. Think of all of the reasons you must succeed. If now is not the time due to an illness or maybe you are pregnant or breast feeding then think of who else may benefit. Who needs to improve their health? Share this post or video with them and let them see how 3 weeks can change everything.

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