Are you happy with your life?

July 10th 2013

Are you happy?

Are you happy or are you in No Man’s Land? You know the place where you are unhappy but not unhappy enough to do anything about it. I challenge you to start applying the compound effect. Small positive changes every day to get you to your goals. Many people give up too early because they want drastic and immediate results. Know that it does take time. I have an analogy that I use from a friend of mine. He said “It takes one woman 9 months to make a baby. You can’t throw time or resources at it. It takes 9 months.”
You don’t lose weight overnight. You don’t have millions in the bank quickly. You don’t gain 100 points in 2 months. You don’t wreck or build a relationship in one day. Gardens grow over time. They need seed, soil, sunshine, and rain. Your life needs much of the same to grow. Do nothing and you will be exactly the same next year and the year after. Start making poor decisions daily and you will be worse off a year from now. Start making small, positive choices every day and your life will flurish.

Here is a snapshot of the compound effect working in my life. I’m barely through the first half of the 3rd year as a coach and my income is about to blow by the 2nd full year. 30 minutes a day to 1 hour a day to now more than 4 hours a day helping others has turned into a huge blessing for our family. Most people would have quit in the first year. I kept going.

Compound Effect of income

Compound Effect of income

Many explosive blessings since becoming a full time coach. Becoming a coach helped me become a better person. It made me more accountable to my health and fitness. It made me more accountable to working on my personal development and spend less time watching TV and being in the numb zone. Stop letting the negative voices of your own mind and of others hold you back from enjoying your life.

I want to help you find you so you are happy every day you look in the mirror.

Are you ready to get started? If not now, when? The world is waiting for you to come alive. If you are already alive don’t you want to share your energy and help more people?

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  1. Sarah Boucher

    Great video and blog post! I am SO thrilled for you Heather. You are a POWERFUL woman in action making great things happen for yourself and others. I am happy to be connected to you!


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