The Fire Walk Metaphor

July 24th 2012

The Fire Walk Metaphor

Mark and I just returned from Unleash the Power Within. It is the most popular Tony Robbins Seminar. It is the one which includes the fire walk at the end of day 1. It is 4 days of ups and downs. Mostly ups though. I will not go into detail of what we did. You have to experience it for yourself. We prepared for about 12 hours for the fire walk. The energy and excitement in the room was amazing. It wasn’t all just about fire walking. That was one piece of things. The fire walk is a metaphor for letting go of things you fear. The main part of the seminar is to help you push past fears. Get out of your head and into your life. Stop allowing others to be in control of your thoughts. It is more than positive thoughts and other hooey. It is personal development at its finest. Real suggestions and training on how to get yourself in the best state possible to live a happy and fulfilled life. How to set those goals and bridge the gap between where you are and what you want.

Sad how people come out of the wood work to tell you how unimportant you are. How you didn’t do anything special. How anyone can walk on hot coals. Yeah, I know! You follow the tips: walk slowly, don’t run, look up, believe you can do it, don’t freak out and just do it. Simple. No one said it was impossible. No one said only special people do it. It is just one way to push through what you think you can’t do. Very similar to running a 5K for the first time. I was scared to do it. When I finally did it I knew I could do more. Now I’ve run in several races and ½ marathons all because of that first 5K that scared me. If you train properly you can do it. Just like walking on hot coals. Understand how to do it and anyone can do it. There is a real danger. You CAN get hurt if you don’t follow instructions. More than likely you will not get hurt but there is a chance.

This is us getting ready for the walk. Fun. Great energy and exciting. Some make fun saying it is a cult, it is a scam, Tony Robbins is a fake, the coals are coated with ash so you will not get burned, kool aid drinkers, sign up for Scientology, etc. I’m guessing none of them have been to a concert and been a fan of a band. None of them have clapped and screamed for their home town sports team. None of them have been nervous about speaking on stage in front of others. The haters are gonna hate. It’s okay. I am pumped that we went to the seminar. Coals or no coals the event was spectacular and mind opening.

If there are any areas of your life that need to improve I highly recommend this seminar. Walk on the coals or don’t, up to you.
I have a new laser focus on certain areas of my life. Amazing how it transformed in a weekend. I’m absolutely honored and overjoyed that Mark went with me. I can’t imagine going alone now. It was so awesome to share the ups and downs and super highs and lows with him. We understand each other’s passions, fears and more all because we said YES instead of NO.

Some of it may make you feel uncomfortable. That is the point. Push through the fear. Dance with the fear. Don’t let it rule your life any more. You must open your mind and play like a kid. Don’t walk around the puddle. Jump in with both feet and let it splash.

Embrace Your Fear _

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