Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

July 18th 2012

Have you heard that before? Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. I never really understood what that meant until recently. I started listening to personal development around 2006. I had just returned to work after having my son and had the pleasure of watching Oprah every day while I was on leave. She had so many specials with Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer and many others. She focused on getting yourself in a better state and focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have. I ordered several Louise Hay books and videos and even bought The Secret. I feverishly typed out some affirmations and hung them up in the bathroom. I felt like a fool repeating them and starting at myself. Nothing magical happened over night. However, when I focused on the positive and the great things my mental shift began. I started to believe in myself. I had the courage to leave a job I hated. I went to work with an old boss. Even though I was making less money I was in a much happier state.

Imagine how awesome her life is and will be by starting her young life with positive affirmations.

Lesson 1: Focus on the positive and your life will be positive and move into a positive direction. It is all in your perception.

I traded one “problem” for another. Sure I was in a much friendlier work environment but I had way less money. Several times I was in danger of losing my job due to the economy and other factors. I fed that stress and anxiety with food. Then I turned back to my personal development. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Work on your job and you will make a living. Work on yourself and you will make a fortune. Long story short enter the Beachbody coaching opportunity. Being a Team Beachbody coach is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, my family, my fitness, my finances and everything in general.

Lesson 2: Don’t say no to an opportunity out of fear. Your life is always speaking to you. Listen.

Part of being a coach requires that you listen to personal development and read personal development books every day. Instead of watching Glee or catching up on True Blood to have conversations with the masses I decided to read the books and listen to the development. My self esteem is bullet proof now. So often I hear complaints or blame from people about their lives. They are living in the victim role. They find it easier to blame others or events or the economy for why they are unhappy. I would never be where I am if I didn’t work on myself every day. You always have time to work on yourself. Always. Use that NET time to work on yourself. (driving in the car, taking a walk, cleaning the house, etc.) Listen to the audio. Fill your mind with good things. I really don’t tolerate being around negative people now. I do not invite drama into my life. When I see crazy coming I cross the street. Some keep running up to it and inviting it in the front door. Not me.

Lesson 3: When you become a better person it is almost impossible to be dragged into negativity. If you are, it doesn’t last very long.

If you struggle with your life in any way I highly recommend listening to personal development. I’ve pumped up the personal development quite a bit in the last 2 years. Tomorrow Mark and I are going to walk on hot coals with Tony Robbins. It blows my mind. A year ago I never would have imagined that I’d be getting on a plane to do this. I would have thought of a million reasons why I shouldn’t go or couldn’t afford to go. I’m looking at it as an investment in myself. We are looking at it as an investment in ourselves, our marriage, our businesses, our relationships, our finances, and our future. Our son will have better parents who are more goal driven than ever before.

I’m hard wired to help others. It is what makes me happy. I must work harder on myself so I am able to help more people.

Lesson 4: Invest time to improve yourself. Your life and everything and everyone around you will benefit.

Think about where you spend your time and money. Most people plan family vacations and birthday parties with more detail than they think about their own growth and development. If you are in the same spot this year as you were last you then you, my friend need to make a change. It starts with you.

Unleash The Power Within Tony Robbins

Unleash The Power Within Tony Robbins

Thursday July 19, 2012. The day we became Fire Walkers. The day we believed we could do it and we did it. When will it be your day to believe in yourself?

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