Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 1 Review

May 1st 2012

Mark is down 5 pounds. I’m down 4 in just 1 day. Amazing. What would you do for 21 days to reset your insides? Are you willing to give up caffiene, alcohol, cheese? Or do you want to keep suffering with health issues? We were ready to give it a try.

Mark and I were not a big fan of cleansing for 21 days. We enjoy pizza and Mexican food and drinking red wine. Not like we are over the top about it but you want it when you want it. If someone tells me I can’t have X for 21 days then I want it. I was getting stressed. We started eating things we normally don’t eat leading up to the Reset. We decided to order it. I was a little scared about not working out for 21 days but were amazed by the results we heard from others.

Getting Ready for the Reset

Most of the supplements are easy to take. Capsules or drops. The worst one is Alkalanize. It tastes like swamp water. If everyone else did it for 21 days I could do it too.

Here is a quick review of our first day.

Yeah I know I’m only on Day 2 but that is something. To see how your body and weight can change in just 1 day of cleaner, more focused eating is amazing.

More information:This is a panel of coaches that made it through the Reset

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