Insanity Day 20 -Oh yes! I’m still here

July 30th 2011

Insanity Day 20. Yes. I’m still here. I don’t make the time to blog as much as I should. People tell me how much my blog helps them. I have a full time job and I coach part time with Team Beachbody. Blogging is toward the bottom of my priorites. I’m working to push it higher and elimniate things like watching The Bachelorette.

I am feeling awesome. My calf is a little sore today. Yesterday I was not into the workout. I was tired and just going through the motions. That does happen. I’m real. Today. Way more into it. I’ve been eating cleaner and I’m more focused lately. Hence, the blog today.

Insanity Day 20 Side view

Getting there

Saturday workouts are a little different. I’m usually up before everyone during the week or I workout when no one is here. On Saturdays my son is there when I workout. Added fun to the madness. He always comes in and out of the room asking me questions or running around playing with the dog. I’m sure you will either see or hear him on the videos in this post. Of course the dog, Tyler, is always in there too. She has to add her 2 cents.

In between water breaks my dog loves to check in on me.

Tyler, my sweet dog, during Insanity Day 20

Tyler, my sweet dog, during Insanity Day 20

The last set of Plyometric Cardio Circuit always makes me cry. It takes so much out of me. When I finally reach the end it feels so good to be finished.

I feel awesome. Time to take a shower. I love that I’m setting a health model for my son. After the workout the Shakeology video plays. Reese said “mommy can I have some Shakeology?” I love it. Setting a healthy example for my son. Nothing more important. I know I don’t always set the best example with things. I can be uptight and intense. But the thing I am very serious about with is setting a healthy example. My son will never know me as a lazy, couch potato. He will never know me as a person that doesn’t speak well of myself. We do mirror work and tell each other how great we are. He will have the best self esteem that money can’t buy. It is my mission as his mother to show him anything is possible if you really want it. So, Insanity day 21 (tomorrow) is a rest day. I’ll be at the Dallas Brial Show helping future brides and their families get healthy and fit by working at Team Beachbody Booth. It is my mission to end the trend of obesity one person at a time. I want my son’s generation to outlive mine.

Insanity Day 20 - complete

Insanity Day 20 - Complete

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