The Gym vs Beachbody at Home

August 5th 2011

Day 26 of Insanity. Check. Had to get that out of the way. Almost 1/2 way through.

Last week I hurt my calf and took it easy. I missed one Insanity workout and went to the gym to use their equipment and sit in the dry sauna. As I sat there sweating I thought of several things.
1) Why am I sitting in a 180 degree room when I can just go outside in the Texas sun and sweat. We are on the 34th consecutive day of over 100 degree temperatures.
2) Why do I choose the gym or Beachbody?

What a great blog topic. I must write one. What are the pros and cons of each. I came up with a list.

The GymThis list is based on my experience at Lifetime Fitness. Some gyms may or may not have the same things available.
– Access to expensive equipment that you may not be able to afford or have space to accomodate.
– Access to a swimming pool, dry sauna, child care.
– Group fitness classes with your friends or others

– Expensive. Monthly fees can add up depending on how many family members use the gym. You are charged regardless if you go or not.
– Can get crowded or you have to wait for equipment
– You have to drive there and find a parking spot (not fun in the rain,heat etc) You may also have your car dinged or broken into while working out.
– Classes not beginning at time that is convenient for you or the classes are crowded.
– Sweat from other people on machines and equipment
– Privacy in the locker rooms, lockers not available.
– Some gyms you have to bring your own towel and lock
– Lugging your stuff with you to shower and change after your workout
– Dealing with the public in general. (too much perfume, loud talkers, cell phone talkers, bad BO and more)
– Each class instructor has his/her own style. Some talk way too much.
– Finding gum on the bottom of your water bottle.

Pros:– You can workout when you want. No class schedule required.
– You don’t have to drive to a gym. Save on gas, parking, time.
– You can wear whatever you want. You are in your own living room.
– You can adjust the temperature to your liking.
– No worries about being crowded or waiting.
– No worries about Bad BO (unless it is you) or loud talkers and other annoying things.
– One time fee. You pay for the workout once and get to have it for life. $120 one time vs $20 to $120 a month for your membership.
– As soon as your workout is complete you can jump in the shower at home. You don’t have to lug things around in a gym bag to get over heated in your car. Did I mention that it is over 100 in Texas right now?
– You don’t have to feel embarrassed about how you look working out. You are at home.
– You know what to expect with the trainer.
– You can refill your water with cold, fresh, filtered water.

Cons:– You have to motivate yourself to push play. If you have to get out of the house and be around others then you may have difficulty popping in the DVD. You must make a concious choice to work out.
– If people don’t respect your workout time it might get interrupted because you are at home.

So you heard it from me. A former gym rat. I used to go to the gym 6 to 7 days a week. I would pump my legs on the stair climber for 60 to 80 minutes. I would take spin classes and weight training when I could. Now I have a better workout in 40 minutes or less. I enjoy things about the gym. I love using the pool and participating in indoor triathlons and stuff. However, I much prefer to workout at home now. No one can motivate me like Shaun T. I’ve eliminated the stress of standing in line and getting a spot in a class. I can do it all at home.

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for liking Beachbody or liking the gym. I’d love to hear from you. Why do you like one over the other?

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