Insanity The Asylum Day 29 & 30 – Awesome ride

May 21st 2011

I made it. I’m committed! What a great workout.

Day 29 – Speed & Agility
Much better at jumping rope. Shoot the first 15 days I didn’t even really try to jump rope. I tried once or twice but it I was having difficulting being in the zone while jumping rope. Finally toward the end I gave it a try. Much easier. I had more energy and was able to do it. Better at ab progressions too. My back feels bettter.

Mountain Climber Progressions. Box 3 baby!

In and Out ab progressions

The challenge to NOT hit the ladder by our 5 year old

Day 30 – The Fit Test, The Results

Exercise Day 1 Day 30
Agility Heisman 7 10
In and out abs 40 46
Lat push ups 20 23
Switch Kicks 50 82
Shoulder taps 5 6
X jumps 20 28
Moving push ups 3 4
Ladder 7 12
Bear 6 9

Mountain Climber Switch Kicks

X Jumps

Very pleased with the workout. Days of rest and relief were awesome. I feel stronger, my back feels better too. . Shaun T. is so awesome. What a great motivator. He keeps me going. Even though he is only on screen I feel like he is talking to me. He knows just when I’m about to drop and and he gets me back in. After my week of relief/rest I’m going to begin and Insanity/Insanity The Asylum Hybrid. Watch out

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  1. Mom

    Wow. Proud of you.
    What a wonderful way for the family to get into the exercise program as well. Encouraging!


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