Insanity The Asylum Day 4 – Vertical Plyo

April 24th 2011

Whoa! This workout is nuts. It is insane. It is completely insane and I’m only on day 4 Vertical Plyo. We over slept this morning and didn’t have time to get in the workout this morning before the 8am baseaball game. I was able to workout around 3pm. I could have blown it off but I promised myself and my team that I would do the full 30 days. No way could I give up on day 4. No way! We’ve commented to each other about how we are sore but not super sore. The only thing that is really different this time is that we are using Shakeology and Results and Recover drinks.

Here I am during the warm up.

I was a little scared during the warm up. I’m still not even jumping rope yet like everyone else in the video. I need to work up to being good at jumping rope. For all of you Insanity lovers: Imagine doing Insanity while you jump rope and then add more difficulty on top of that.

Here I am showing off my stretching and flexibility

I was happy to stretch. It seems like the stretching in Insanity was much longer. The Asylum gets you right back into the craziness much quicker.

The moves are nuts. I wish I had a better camera person to help me with things but I tried to capture as many moves as possible while I still got in a great workout.

X jumps with bands: Not even the most difficult of moves.

My brain is mush. My body is mush. That was an intense work out and I loved it. I can’t wait to increase my agility and speed. Day 4, check. Whew.

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