Old vs NOW

January 16th 2015
old vs new heather dietel

The old Heather vs the Heather of today

The changes didn’t happen over night. If you had told me to give up everything and start everything new I would have failed. Most people set a high standard on January 1st and then give up by the weekend. They try to quit smoking, start going to the gym, stop eating processed foods and eat every meal at home.

For me this process was a gradual process over a few years.

If you want to be healthy you must have consistent healthy habits.

Drinking diet drinks, eating sugar free or fat free processed foods, sitting around not moving, and rewarding your lack of movement with more food because you are tired is not the way to do it. Take it from me. I’ve been there and did it for years.

Get your butt up. Move!
Stop playing mind games that the box of fat free crackers is healthier than eating an apple.

I’ve been coaching people since 2010. The most common reasons people do not begin is money and the second most common reason is time. If I hadn’t started my journey 4 years ago I’m sure I would be sitting around sick and depressed trying to take the latest diet pill to be skinny instead of healthy.

Here is the question. You don’t have time to work out and prepare healthy meals? Do you have time to feel like crap?
You don’t have the money to invest $100 dollars into your health but you have $500 or more when you are sick to go to the doctor and get prescriptions.

No one ever became overweight by eating too many fresh vegetables.

What changes will you make over time? How will your OLD vs NOW picture look in a few years.

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