Was it Worth It?

December 28th 2014

September through December is a bit of a blur for our family. All 3 of us have our birthdays in September and we usually have travel for Beachbody. The holiday season begins. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. Sometimes travel and always full of parties, events, birthdays, celebrations, family and friends. December is very busy. It is for most.
The season is up and down with emotions. Happy to be around fun. Sad missing those who are not with us. Happy to give and share joy. Sad that you can’t do more. Stressed with the extra things added to the schedule. Stressed with all of the things you “must” do in a limited amount of time.

Was it worth it? Was all of the overindulging worth it? Do you have regrets? Did you enjoy every minute of it?

What happens over the holidays?
-We receive gifts from others. Cookies, pies, cakes, and fudge.
-We allow ourselves to have a little extra of everything. More wine during the week. A bigger piece of pie. Baklava, banana bread and more.
-We attend parties where we eat at drink. Cheese balls, egg nog and more wine.
-We receive gift cards to restaurants.
-We cook/host others for dinner.
-We get tired of cooking and all of the busyness and decide to just dine out instead of cook healthy at home.
-We hold on to the food/treats for that one last treat before the new year begins.
-We sleep in and we are sluggish.
-We drink tons of coffee to keep up.
-We sit around a lot and are not on schedule. (off work or kids out of school)

Why do we wait until New Years Day to make changes? Why do we allow ourselves all of these passes to being healthy? Why do we continue to do this even though we know it is not worth it. I don’t have the answer to that. However, I do have tips on surviving the holidays and starting off on a better foot.

1) Eat a healthy meal before attending the holiday party. No one is really paying attention to how much you are eating. They just want your company.
2) For every glass of wine you drink have a glass of water. Before refilling that glass with more wine remember the tip and refill it with water. No one is tracking how many glasses you have or what you have in your glass.
3) Fill your plate with tons of veggies or fresh fruit. If you are not sure if it will be there, bring it!
4) Allow yourself small spoonful of the things you really want and enjoy it.
5) Don’t bring the left overs home. If you are forced to take them, just take them. Throw them away as soon as you get home.
6) Send home left overs with others or to the neighbors.
7) Work out. Do not get off track. Even a 30 minute workout can boost your mood and help keep you healthier. It doesn’t matter how large your to-do list is just make it happen. I find that waking up and getting it out of the way first thing is best. You have time to watch TV, play video games, sit on facebook, read books or take baths. You have 30 minutes a day to get your heart pumping.
8) Eliminate as much sugar as possible as soon as possible. Sugar feeds disease. Most people get sick around the holidays because of extra stress, less sleep and way too much sugar. The cookies, the bread, the wine, the beer, and the peppermint bark. Just toss it.

sugar addiction

Toss the sugar

That pumpkin cookie isn’t that good.
That bite of baklava isn’t that good.
That 3rd glass of wine isn’t that good.
That 4th helping of left over lasagna isn’t that good.
That 3rd piece of garlic bread isn’t that good.

Fitting in your jeans is good.
Having restful sleep is good.
Waking up energized is good.
Having healthy skin is good.
Not having terrible gas is good.
Feeling attractive and loving yourself is good.

Was it worth it?
Was the sugar worth it?
Was the extra wine worth it?
Did it make the party more fun?
Did skipping the work out make you feel better?

Take my advice. Don’t wait to feel good. TOSS IT. Toss it NOW!
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