Only Narcissists Post on Social Media

May 11th 2015

You’ve heard that before right? Social media is for narcissists. Everyone posts selfies and are looking for likes. No one cares about others and they just care about themselves. Or they are just a bunch of drama queens posting the “my life sucks” please comfort me while my life continues to suck. We spend our time reading about other people’s lives and disconnect from our own. We get so involved with arguing about things with people we don’t even know. While some of that might be true I firmly believe that social media is used for more good than for bad.

High Five Your Life

High Five Your Life

Top Reasons why Social Media rocks.

1) Connection:
Reconnecting and connecting with people all over the world. I can talk to my cousins in California, my friends in Maine, make new friends in Australia and more. We connect with customers and coaches all over the world. If we didn’t have social media I don’t know how we would connect with the people who need our help. To be able to help a mom of 4 in Nashville whom I’ve never met in person, or an active duty military person in South Korea, or a man who weighs 450 pounds in Florida. Connection is awesome. You don’t have to be stuck in the “I thought it was just me” space and you can connect and help others just like you.

2) Information exchange/communication:
You have the power to belong to anything you like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Recipe groups, support for an issue, helpful tips, or just a place to vent. We love it because we have the power to bring people together in a group to help them through their fitness programs or with other support to help their lives. Social media is not just a place to vote for who we want to save on The Voice. It is a place to help others.

3) Inspiration:
While others look at social media as a place to vent, troll, bash or boast I don’t see it that way. Inspiration is the key. Every time I post, I post with purpose. Am I going to uplift? Am I going to inspire? Am I going to challenge another to step out of his/her comfort zone? Will I make people laugh? Will I help them see the best? I’m not looking for likes really. I’m looking for engagement. Who cares? Who needs help? Who is looking?

4) Education:
Personal development is my top form of education now. I have a degree but working on myself is a top priority. Social media is a great way to find out what is going on. Google is great but hearing from people like me or people I admire is better. Asking people for book recommendations, seminars, or just filling my mind with positive information.

5) Good business:
I’m posting this from my blog and sharing it on social media. It is good business to be present on social media. If you own a business then you have a brand. Mark is a hair stylist and I’m a coach. We are here to help people feel awesome. Not to spread drama and tear people down. I will never understand those who rip on others and then a day later wonder why their life or their business sucks. The common thread is you. Improve you and your life will improve.

There are some days where I would love to take a step back and not live out loud. Some days I love to be quiet and just be present in my life. Do you really care that I checked in at the gym? Do you really need to see the picture of the giant apple? Do you care that I worked out today? Do you need to see that I’m loving my life in Cancun or Nashville? Do you need to hear about the celebrations from our weight loss success? Probably not. But by showing you my “reality show” you see that a better life is possible. You see that we are not perfect and it is okay to fail and keep trying. You see that anyone can change at any age and at any time.

Some people have judged me. I’ve overheard people saying things publicly or passive-aggressively. I get ignored too. “I don’t have that much to say on social media. She shares way too much. She’s only doing this to sell something.”

They are right. I’m doing this to get noticed. I’m doing this for likes. I’m doing this to spread the word and help as many people as possible. In summary. Social Media rocks. I’m using it to save lives. I’m using it to inspire and lift others. How about you?

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