What is the Design of YOUR life?

April 23rd 2015

You hear advice from all of the gurus. They tell you to follow your passion. They tell you that those living the best lives are in careers that match their calling. How? How do you get started on your passion when you are working a full time job to pay the bills? How do you even know what your passion is?

I wish I had this advice when I was in my 20’s. I wish someone had told me to pick a career that I really wanted to do and not just one that paid well. Sure my business degree is helpful and it paid the bills but it also cost me almost 2 decades of my life chasing after crap I didn’t really want. I will not regret my past because it brought me to where I am now. Doors open and close. I spent too much time trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

In 2010 I was 39 years old and feeling lost. I had a 5 year old and wondering when I was going to be living the life I wanted. I wanted FREEDOM and I didn’t have it. I wanted TIME with my family and I didn’t have it. I wanted to help people and have a creative career and I didn’t have it.

How was I going to get it?

Enter Beachbody. The minute I pushed my fear aside and became a coach my life started to change. I DECIDED to treat this opportunity as my passion and mission. Helping others achieve their goals helped me achieve mine. Focusing on being the BEST person I could be and helping others do the same became my focus and passion. It filled me with joy.

The trip we just took to Cancun was our 4th Success Club trip paid for by Beachbody and earned by the effort we put in to help others. This trip was special because we were able to bring my mom and son. We earned 2 rooms. My mom and son stayed in one and we stayed in the other. My mom cried a few times telling how special this trip was to her. She loved waking up every morning and heading to the beach or the pool as the activity of the day. She loved sitting on her balcony with the sea breeze blowing. I gave that to my mom because I DECIDED to be a coach.

Designed Life

Design the life you want.

I talk to people every day about joining our team. Every day I hear about big dreams or big struggles. People living paycheck to paycheck. People who have poor health and barely find the strength to get off of the couch. The conversations are similar and after coaching for more than 4 years I see the same trends. Many times people just tell me no before even hearing about it. They assume it is expensive and time consuming. Don’t be like that. Find out. Ask questions. This is an amazing opportunity that will open you to things you didn’t even know where possible.

The design of my life is always changing. My goal now is to help my husband retire so he can have more time with us. What life are you designing? Are you using the same excuses as to why you are not reaching your goals? Are you open to opportunities?

Life by Design

Send me a message and lets get started on your goals. Lets talk about opening your life.

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