Reset week 1. The Pros and Cons

January 13th 2014

Reset week 1. The Pros and Cons

For those who have followed me through the 21 day Ultimate Reset before you know some of what to expect. Experiencing the reset is totally different than watching someone going through it. It is kind of like parenthood to me. Everyone tells you how difficult it is but also how rewarding it is too. Everyone tells you how being a parent changes everything but you really don’t know how much it changes everything until you are actually a parent. Going to the grocery store is different. Planning an outing to see a movie is different. Hell, just going to the bathroom is different.

Ultimate Reset Meals

Ultimate Reset Meals

The reset is very similar. The quick explanation about the reset. It is a 3 week program focused on clean eating and flushing the body of toxins and bringing you back to your perfect, reset, state. You eat real food. Some of the food you eat are foods you may have never heard of before. Each food, each meal has a purpose to clean the body. It is not about calories and weight loss. It is about getting your body healthy. Naturally eating clean means no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol, and other vices. You must focus for 3 weeks. There isn’t a cheat meal. You are either on this or not. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “oh I can’t have wine, I’m not doing it” or “I don’t like salads so it will not work for me.” Really? You must decide if the end results is worth it to you. Are you ready to feel better? Are you ready to reduce inflammation and have more energy? Or do you want to continue to feel tired and have to take a pill to go to sleep and a pill to wake up?

Here it is folks. I’m going to get real. I’m going to tell you the pros and cons from week 1 of the Reset.
I’m on day 8 right now. Just completed week 1. I know. I’ve completed it before. I know what to expect.

Better Sleep
Increased mental clarity
Clearer skin
Lost 7 pounds
Clothes fitting better

Headache for 24-48 hours (due to caffeine withdraw)
Back pain for 24-48 hours (cleaning of kidneys)
Peeing a lot
Not able to work out the way I want. (I love to sweat) Hardcore workouts are not recommended while cleansing.
Planning when I’m going to eat. (work, at events, running errands) You must know where you will be and what supplements
and meals you need to bring with you.

I wrote out the pro and con list last night and noticed something. All of the pros are physical and can be felt and measured. The cons are a mixture of physical and mental. If you can deal with the physical ones for a day or two then the mental ones are the ones to overcome. The biggest con for me was planning. You can’t be lazy on the reset. You must focus and respect the process.
I love the reset because it has a start and a finish. Each week is planned for you. You get the shopping list, the recipes and so many options if you are a busy person. The “Reset in a Crunch” option is awesome. If you don’t like a certain meal then just substitute another one. No one is forcing you to eat quinoa if you don’t want it. Find another replacement. You can make it as easy or hard as you want. You can eat the same thing every day for a week or you can follow the program exactly. It is up to you.

Hear this, it is ONLY 3 weeks. Just 3 weeks of your life. You can deal with the planning. You can deal with the sacrifices. You can show up to the birthday party and not have cake. You can reschedule a dinner. You can show up to the soccer pizza party and not have pizza. You can skip drinking wine for 3 weeks while watching the Bachelor. Don’t allow your vices and laziness control you and run your life. Take control. You can do it. Stop putting limits on yourself.
Do I think the reset is worth it? Yes. It is an investment in you. It is an investment in your health and future.

Want to know more? Ask me. Go to and post your questions about the reset. I’m here for you.

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