The Hell Of Taking Before Pictures

January 6th 2014

You’ve taken before pictures. You know you have. Maybe you didn’t call them before pictures at the time. They were just pictures. Today I started a journey to get back the me I love. There are people who say love yourself no matter what size you are. I believe that. I do love myself but I don’t love the way I feel right now. I don’t like feeling like a busted can of biscuits in my jeans. I don’t like doing the pants dance to get my clothes on. I don’t like having my towel pop off when I get out of the shower. Others may be happy with that and love every roll. I am not one of those people. I love being able to zip up a dress and not have it pinch back fat. I love being able to put on a pair of jeans and not have to do squats to make them fit. I love putting on a bikini and swimming at the beach or the pool for hours.

Time to focus. I’ve lost weight before and had great success. Why did I gain weight? I’m a coach. I should be super fit all the time right? No. I am a human being and I fell victim to stress, lack of planning, overloading myself with stuff, and holiday treats.

Many of us work toward a goal. A wedding, a graduation, a reunion or vacation. We want to look and feel our best when we step into that room. We want to shine. I have tons of motivation but the biggest thing of all is a cruise in 77 days. In 11 weeks we are stepping on a cruise ship with thousands of Beachbody coaches. I have 77 days to eat clean, work out and focus.

Beachbody Cruise

Beachbody Cruise

This morning I knew I had to take the pictures. I had to put on the bathing suit. I waited until my husband left so I could take the photos in private. Of course I picked the smallest bathing suit ever. I’m pale, my hair is terrible, I don’t have any make up on. After I took the pictures and looked at myself I felt ashamed. I can’t believe I let myself get to this point. The pizza wasn’t that great. The wine wasn’t that awesome. The handful of chocolate covered raisins weren’t that mind blowing. Why didn’t I just eat a banana instead of a bag of chips? The motivation is high to look and feel my best. I pledge to not drink wine until the day I’m walking on the ship. I do no want to walk on that ship saying I wish I would have. I have a plan and I’m sticking to it.

What is the plan?
The 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset
The Cowtown 1/2 Marathon
21 Day Fix (New Workout program launching in a few weeks.)
21 Day Fix again with running added.

Today is Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset. This program gets my eating back on track. Whole foods only. No more wine, coffee or holiday treats. It is back to business.

If you want really awesome before pictures followed by outstanding after pictures then follow these rules. These apply to women. Because hey, I’m a woman.

1) Wear the tiniest bathing suit or clothes possible. You want your busted can of biscuits to show.
2) Take them alone. Get a camera that has a timer so you can do this in the comfort of your own shame. There is nothing worse that being in a bikini with fat rolls and having someone else see you. Spare yourself that one.
3) Make sure you are super pale, your hair looks terrible and don’t put on make up. Remember we are trying to make our after pictures look glorious. The more awful you look in your before pictures will make your after pictures look amazing!
4) Share them with a trusted group of people for extra motivation.
5) Commit to taking new pictures every week or every 2 weeks depending on your timeline. I have 11 weeks until the cruise so I’m doing to take pictures every week and for sure at the beginning and end of each program I’m doing. The Reset once and the 21 Day Fix twice.
6) Have a plan for after your event. After the cruise I’m jumping right back into the 21 Day Fix. You don’t want to slide back to the before pictures. Keep improving.

77 more days. Commitment.

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