Team Beachbody Coach Summit Recap 2011 – Day 1

June 29th 2011

Its been a little over a week since I attended the Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Los Angeles. It was my first. I’ve been a coach about 7 months now. I bought my ticket back in February when I was less than 90 days into being a coach. My mentors and leaders highly recommended it. So glad I listened.My head is literally and figuratively still spinning from Summit. Experiencing some vertigo from the plane trip. Very odd. I’ve dialed back the intensity of my workouts until this goes away.

Now to the recap of the first day.
I was stressed the week leading up to Summit. My husband was traveling the same weekend for business reasons. We had to figure out a baby sitter, a dog sitter and airport drop offs and pick ups before I left. I had 8 pairs of shoes for a 4 night trip. My bag was 2 pounds under the 50 pound max. I had no idea what to bring. I earned the invitation to attend the Success Club Party and the Diamond Reception. I needed outfits for both. Then the final night celebration required an outfit and cute shoes. I modeled the outfits for Mark and asked for input on what I should wear. Jewelry, shoes, everything. Mark is a hair stylist and he wasn’t going with me. I’m usually lucky enough to have him fix my hair. I was panicking about fixing my own hair. The morning of the flight I got up early, worked out, and had Mark fix my hair so it would last me for at least the Success Club party. What should I wear on the plane? It is 1000 degrees in Texas but only 50’s to 70’s in LA. I proudly wore my Dallas Mavericks t-shirt and brought a jacket. On the way to the airport I was meditating in the car. Did I pack everything? I know it felt like I did. Deep breathing and trying to remain calm. I must have gone to the bathroom 6 times before the plane actually boarded. We were slightly delayed but that’s okay. I had my book and sandwich to keep me busy. A little nervous about the twin babies sitting in the row in front of me but they turned out to be just fine. Whew! Flew over some gorgeous country.

beautiful USA

Could be Arizona. Not sure

Landed in Burbank and it was cloudy and felt nice. Checked text messages and emails while I waited for my luggage. No internet on the plane. Good and bad. Good for down time but bad if you want to check in. I guess people can live for 4 hours without me and I can live for 4 hours without them. Grabbed a cab to my hotel and immediately started texting and heytelling my coach. My stomach was in knots. I was so excited. Check in at O Hotel and let my suitcase explode.

Suitcase explosion at O hotel

My Suitcase blowing up

Grabbed a P90X bar and shoved it in. Stuffed my backpack full of things to take notes and walked the 582 yards from my hotel to the venue. Not a biggie. I’m a grown up. I’ve walked through New York City alone so i can certainly walk a few blocks by myself in LA. Walking into the hotel was amazing. The J W Marriott downtown was cool. Seeing everyone that I’ve only met online was awesome. Smiling faces, excited people, all going to the same thing. I was blinded by the logo wear. P90X, Shakeology, Turbo Fire, Beachbody was everywhere. It was cool. I’d been to a few meetings here and there but never saw this many people at a conference that were this happy. I headed up the escalator to the registration desk. Ran into some friends and started passing out hugs and smiles. Meanwhile checking texts from my coach telling me where he was and how to find him. I received my cool swag and put my id around my neck. I happily accepted my “invitation only” wristbands and my diamond ribbon and speed walked down the long poltergeist hallway to find my coach. There were 3 levels of fun and I didn’t know where to begin. I signed the “End the Trend” map of USA.

Team Beachbody End the Trend Map

End the Trend Map Signature

Team Beachbody End The Trend Large Map

More signatures from Day 1

Found my coach, Chris Reed, YAY! I’m with my peeps. Met my upline of fabulous people. Mike and Tami French. Great people. If it wasn’t for them taking the time to talk with my coach about his fitness program I wouldn’t even be here. Very cool to trace it back to the beginning. I attended some training and a recognition meeting and received an award from Mike & Tami. Wow. Very cool. Just met them and they already had an award for me. Oh wait, Heather hurry get out in the hall. Shaun T. is right there. AHHHH I ran up to him like a dork and squeezed his arm and asked if I could take a picture with him. And back to the meeting. I’m such a dork. I need to tone it down. Wrapped it up and walked down to the lobby for a quick beer. I needed to chill for a second. We chatted and laughed. I could see that their heads were spinning too. Time to get ready for the Success Club party. Grabbed my stuff and walked back to my hotel. Some strange man asked me if I “wanted to go see a movie” and I of course said no way and walked more quickly back to my hotel. That 582 yards seemed like miles at that point. Was the weirdo following me? Was he going to be there when I came out dressed in my “fancy” clothes? Quickly changed and headed back down. Decided to call a cab. After all I was not in my walking shoes now.

I proudly walked into the Success Club party and had a blast. My highlight of the evening was meeting Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Brett Hoebel. When I met Tony I was cool. When I met Brett I was cool. When I met Shaun T. I squealed in his face like a teenager meeting Justin Bieber. Then I proceeded to tell him how awesome he was and how he changed my life. Such a nice guy.

Shaun T from Insanity

The man! Shaun T.

We went to dinner after the Success Club party and then we all called it a night. Joseph walked me back to my hotel and I stayed up until 1 in the morning LA time smiling and uploading some of the pictures from the day/evening. That was only day one. What was going to happen Day 2? I had to get some sleep. If I had only had this day at the summit it would have been worth it.

2 comments on “Team Beachbody Coach Summit Recap 2011 – Day 1

  1. Debby Kudalis

    Sounds like you had a great time. I am going this year in Vegas and was looking around the net to see what to expect. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to any of the invitation only events. I was just wondering about the other parties if ladies dress up. I have dresses but really prefer pants nowadays. I figure I can wear a dressy top Would that be alright do you think?

    1. Heather Post author

      The parties last year had shorts/jeans and t-shirts to nice dresses. It all depends on what you want. I wore pants to one party and dresses to the others.


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