The Value of a Success Partner

September 12th 2012

Just days away from my 41st birthday and I’m reflecting. I spent most of my life without an accountability partner. Now I have a success partner and a personal life coach. I talk to my success partner Rhonda every week. We have a set call every Friday to talk for 30 minutes. I look forward to it every week. I also talk to my coach Mandy every Thursday to set new goals for the week and evaluate how my previous week went.
You cannot do your own brain surgery. You cannot coach yourself. It is in your nature to beat yourself up. My success partner knows me. She knows how to talk me off of a ledge. She knows how to put things in perspective. She doesn’t sugar coat it. She inspires me. This is not just a friendship call where we BS about gossip. In fact that is something that rarely happens. Our call has a purpose. How did your week go, what do you want to vent about, how can I help you? What will you do this week?

How did I find her? We were fairly new Team Beachbody coaches. We met at a home party and didn’t really talk. We were also in the same online accountability group. We were assigned to different success partners but ended up getting closer as the group progressed. We attended the Team Beachbody coach summit in 2011 in LA and bonded. I think our mutual love of Shaun T and Insanity bonded us and many other things. At Summit we determined we wanted to be success partners and the friendship was formed.

Success Partners are born

Success Partners are born

I went through several pictures and noticed that Rhonda is by my side through many awesome things. Our first presentation in front of 500+ people and the CEO of Beachbody. On the success club trip in the Bahamas, next to each other during group workouts, and many other occasions. I know that Rhonda will always be there for me. I know she will keep me on the right track.
It doesn’t matter if you are a coach or if you work in finance. You should have a success partner in your life. Someone who will help you with your goals and keep you on track. There is something about having that weekly call knowing I want to have something to share. I want to be better than last week. I want to be better than last month. I want to be better than last year. I want to be better. I’m always striving to improve. Rhonda helps me do that. I hope I do the same for her.

Success Partner

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