Ultimate Reset for Fall Day 1 October 1st

September 11th 2012
Beachbody Ultimate Reset

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It is that time of year again for us. We are doing the 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset in October. The first time we did it was in May and we were reluctant and excited at the same time. Reluctant to give up wine and cheese and excited to see our health improve and kick habits.

Are you tired? Do you get sick several times a year? Do you have allergies? Do you need to lower your cholesterol or regulate your blood sugar? Do you want to get off of medications? Do you want more energy? If the answer is YES to any of these then you owe it to your life to do the Ultimate Reset. I’m not just talking out of my rear about this. I’ve done it. It changed many things about our health and for those who did it along with us. I’ve heard all of the excuses. Most either involve time or money.

Money & Time:
How much do you spend at the doctor every year?
How much do you spend on prescriptions or other drugs?
How much time to you spend lying around “resting” because you don’t have the energy or will to move?
How much time do you spend depressed and disappointed that you are not at your goal weight or you are gaining weight?

Other excuses involve not really wanting it bad enough:
The taste of the supplements , not liking a certain type of food, not knowing how to cook or take the time to learn, using a birthday or holiday as an excuse not to do it, my spouse won’t do it so I don’t want to do it without him/her and many others.

It is all okay! Find your reason for doing it. Find your WHY. Why do you want to get healthy? Why do you want to lose weight? There has to be a strong reason or you will not do it or you will quit. There are plenty of copycat cleanses on the market. Perform research. Don’t just pick the cheapest or the one with the flashy packaging.

Your success depends on your desire and you reason for wanting to do the Reset. If you are in it to lose a few quick pounds and go back to your old ways then I say DON’T do it. It would be a waste of time and money. Well, let me change that thought. You just might transform your way of thinking while you do the Reset so go ahead and do it. I dare you!

Mark and I had great success the first time. We both lost a significant amount of weight and kicked several unhealthy habits and some annoying habits. Chewing gum, mints, drinking coffee and more. We still cook many of the recipes we learned from the Reset. They are now a part of our weekly menu.

What to expect:
Lots of food prep. You will be in the kitchen chopping, peeling, baking and marinating. Just enjoy it. We turned it into family time. We turn on music and give assignments to our son and he helps us prepare and organize the meals.
More time in the grocery store. You may not know where to find toasted sesame tahini or millet. Once you know what it is and where it is easier.
You will feel tired the first few days and kind of moody especially if you are addicted to sugar, caffeine, tobacco or other items.
You will have massive amounts of energy after week one and will notice things disappear like allergies, heartburn, acid reflux, PMS and other body aches.

How to prepare:
Order your kit and set your start date. Read the materials and watch the DVD.
Get added to an accountability group starting around the same time. We have one on facebook for all of our coaches and customers.
Set your pantry and fridge up for success. Get rid of the junk. Chips, cheese, ice cream. Start to purge.
Download week 1 shopping list and buy the non-perishable items like oils, spices and grains so all you need to buy are the fresh items a few days before.
Prepare your kitchen. Do you have the proper cookware? Storage containers?
Cut back on habits: Do you use tobacco? Drink caffeine? Chew gum? Take any other non-prescription drugs? Start cutting back on that stuff at least a week before the Reset. Be aware. If you drink 3 cups of coffee a day then cut back to 1 or 2 to minimize the caffeine withdraw.
Announce it to the world. Share with your family and friends that you are about to do this. Ask them to join you. This is difficult and life changing. Why do it alone?

Stay connected to your group and report your daily emotions, struggles and victories.

Watch this video and decide if it is for you. If so, join us. We are starting October 1st. Plenty of time for you to get connected and prepared for your awesome journey.

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