What do you want? Why do you want it?

January 21st 2012

What do you want and why do you want it? Seems basic right? But yet there are so many people that don’t know what they want and why. Or maybe they know what they don’t want. Sometimes that is where you need to begin. They don’t want to be overweight, they don’t want to be in debt, they don’t want to be single, they don’t want to be married, they hate their job, or they want to get a job. The list can go on and on. I hear these powerful Whys coming from people but yet they don’t take action. Saying you want to do something or that you want something and not taking action is like not making a decision at all.

If I asked you to walk across a board at the top of a 20 story building for $100 you’d probably tell me to fly a kite. However, if your loved one were on the other side of that board and the building was on fire I bet you’d fly across that board. What changed? The risk was basically the same. Same board, same 20 story building, same risk in falling. The reason for crossing the board changed. The WHY changed. If the why is big enough and powerful enough the how doesn’t even matter.

What is your why?
My why changes. And sometimes I have multiple whys. But they are powerful. I know when I don’t have the right why when it is easy for me to blow it off.

My why for working out and being into fitness:
I was tired of saying no to life because of my weight. I was 40-50 pounds heavier and hated myself. I would cry every time I opened the closet. Said no to invitations to pool parties, beach weddings, and basically anything that involved me being in a swimsuit. Pushing myself and setting goals is important to me. I confidently say that I will NEVER go back to my old lazy ways. The way I feel now is the way I always want to feel. I struggled for so many years trying to be skinny thinking that was the answer. My why wasn’t strong enough. I wanted to be skinny because I thought being skinny would answer all of my problems and I’d be happy. When I really focused on my why. Why did I want to lose 40 pounds? What would losing 40 pounds mean to me? It meant I would have energy and confidence and be able to say yes to life. Not that I would look good in some jeans. I focused on feeding my mind with positive images and positive words and with positive people.
Here is a challenge for you:
Spend some time thinking about what you want and why you want it. Do you want 2012 to be different than 2011? Or are you going to be a blamer at the end of 2012 saying it was my bosses fault, my spouses fault, my parents fault, that I’m still where I am at the end of 2012? Take action today. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Move a little each day. Make small choices that are good for you each day and don’t give up. Consistency and time is the key to success. Think about your WHY every day. Have it around you where you can look at it often. Go for it. You are the only person that can change you for the good or the bad.

Sources of Unhappiness

Sources of Unhappiness

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