Did I do it?

January 31st 2012

Did I do it?

Did I go 30 days without red meat, alcohol, pedicures and buying shoes?
Why did I even decide to do this? Everyone has a new year’s resolution. Most people give up within the first week to 10 days.

Why do they give up?
Because forming new habits can be a challenge. Making unrealistic goals is another issue. I’m going to go to the gym 6 days a week from the old 0 days. As soon as they miss one day they say “well I failed to reach my goal so I’ll quit.”
I started listening to The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Bought it for myself for Christmas. After we got home from Disney world I decided that beginning New Year’s Day I would give up alcohol, red meat, buying shoes and pedicures for 30 days. Why those things? Those were my top vices. I love buying shoes. I love having pedicures. I love drinking wine several nights a week. I enjoy hamburgers.

Zero red meat: Success.
This was easier than I thought. I really don’t eat red meat that often. I’m usually a chicken, fish or meat free eater. Not having a steak or hamburger for a month was a snap.

Zero pedicures: Success.
I painted my own toes several times. I may even give it up in February too since I’m running in 2 different races and getting my toes done would be pointless. We are going to the Bahamas in March so I’ll save the pedis for March.

Zero shoes: Success. Easy to not go shoe shopping when you are busy, sick and not getting your toes done. I didn’t even think of my feet. I spent my time working out, taking my son to Karate, working, and doing other things that really didn’t involve a new pair of shoes. I love shoe shopping on Friday afternoons. It is the perfect happy hour to me.

Zero alcohol: Fail.
Sorry. I’m really sorry to disappoint all of the awesome people rooting for me. I know you believed in me. Around day 24 I said that’s it! I’m tired of coughing my head off every night. I’m tired of the way this Nyquil makes me feel. I’m having a good glass of red and going to bed. So I did. I was able to actually wake up when my alarm went off and workout. Back on track until the weekend. On the last Saturday of the challenge the 28th I totally fell apart. It was date night with my husband. I truly believed that I had this vice in check and said that’s it. I’m going to enjoy this date night and have some wine. I’m not a bad person for having a glass. My husband was so sweet telling me not to beat myself up over it. I was conflicted. Like really, you can’t make it 2 more days? Of course I could. I knew I could. Heck I’d already made it as far as I did. I chose to have that drink and enjoy my date with my husband on my terms. Do I have to have wine to enjoy my date? No. I just felt like having a glass. I felt guilty because I didn’t want to confess to you. I felt like I failed because if I didn’t go the full 30 days that it meant I was a loser. NO!!! The lesson is. Don’t beat yourself up. Do your best and forget the rest.

What did I learn?
1) I have control. I have control over my choices. I can choose to drink or not. I can choose to spend money on shoes and pedicures or not. I can choose to eat red meat or not.
2) I feel much better when I don’t spend the evening drinking wine. The next day I have more energy and I’m focused. It doesn’t take me as long to get going.
3) I have more money in my bank account and in my pocket when I’m focused on m my choices. I probably saved over $500 at the very least by not buying shoes, pedicures, and wine.
4) I’m a much happier mother and wife when I’m focused on a purpose.
5) I shouldn’t beat myself up over tiny things.
6) It is a challenge to change with others around you are not changing or willing to change but it can be accomplished.
7) Small choices made every day add up to something big.

The big lesson was about checking my habits. Monday night was our night to drink wine and watch movies or TV. I NEVER had a Monday night drink. That is a huge success for me.

I believe in myself more than I ever have. This is only the beginning. February? What will I give up? Sushi maybe? hmmmm I don’t know.

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