1st week of January 2012

January 8th 2012

1st week

My goal is to make it 30 days without alcohol and to eat clean. Zero red meat and limited dairy. Workout according to the Les Mills Pump calendar and help my January accountability group and set up the February group. Helping others hit their goals while I hit mine. The first week was a major success.

Zero alcohol. Check
Zero red meat. Check
Limited dairy. Check
Worked out every day. Either did Les Mills Pump or ran every day.
The January accountability group is going strong.
February is lining up nice with a few spots remaining.

Feeling fantastic. Only 1 week in to this challenge and feeling major benefits. There have been struggles that’s for sure. Monday night was tough. We love to watch The Bachelor and drink wine. Friday night I attended a leadership dinner and saying no to the first glass of wine was a little difficult but not really. It is easier than I thought to say no to hit my goals.

I really don’t know what has come over me. I enjoy working out. I enjoy hitting goals. However, for the last several months I was slacking. I was drinking wine, eating chips and salsa, pizza etc. Not really tracking my food and just winging it. I wasn’t really a product of the product. I wasn’t really walking the walk.

What changed? My goals changed. I grabbed the book “Design Your Best Year Ever” by Darren Hardy and started to design my best year ever. I set goals in every area of my life. Spiritual, mental, family, business, lifestyle, physical, and relationships. I really thought about where I wanted to be in 3 months, 6, months and at the end of 2012. What did I want my life to look like? How did I want it to feel?

Setting those goals made me make some serious decisions. Where my current actions getting me to these goals or not? Drinking wine every Monday while watching the Bachelor and on Fridays for the heck of it, and on Saturdays at dinner or for whatever reason were not going to get me to my goal weight. Getting pedicures twice a month was not going to get to me to my financial goals.

It was smack down time. My actions were not matching my goals. I either needed to adjust my actions or adjust my goals. We are going to the Bahamas in March. Did I really want to sit on the beach and feel like a failure because I didn’t give it my all? Did I really want that glass of wine more than I wanted to feel awesome about myself for doing my best? No. I am responsible for my success and my failure. I can either make excuses and take the easy way out or actually step up and actually do it. For real do it. Follow the nutrition plan no matter how easy it was to order a pizza. Follow the workout plan no matter how tired I was in the morning.

My new passion is helping the people in the accountability group and I can’t wait to see their success blossom even more next week.

Here it is folks. You’ve witnessed week 1 of hitting goals. Hit them all. Heading into week 2 with the same passion and drive. Nothing tastes as good as hitting my goals.

You Can

We all can do it.

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