21 Day Fix Results – What Worked & What Didn’t

March 3rd 2014

You may or may not have followed me for a while. Let me recap things for you. I lost a large amount of weight a few years ago. I struggle with the last 10 pounds over and over. I struggle with getting the abs. Why? Because I treat myself with food. I treat myself with wine. I rarely skip workouts. I love working out now. Well, I don’t love working out. I love the way working out makes me feel so I do it almost every day.

I’ve completed the 21 Day Ultimate Reset a few times with great results. Why? Because it is a plan. The plan is given to me. I know the results come in 21 days if I follow the plan. It tells me what to eat and when. However, this plan is very detailed and can be overwhelming especially if you have a busy schedule or travel for your job.

When the 21 Day Fix was announced I was pumped. I can follow a plan for 21 days. I’ve already proven that. With the reset you really need to find a solid 21 days without distractions. (holidays, birthdays, travel etc) You don’t want to begin the reset on July 1st knowing you are throwing a giant 4th of July party with beer and BBQ. There is no cheating in the Reset. You are on it or you are not. Plain and simple. It is not a weight loss plan. It is a detox plan. So if you are using it for weight loss perhaps you should try another plan. BOOM, Enter the 21 Day Fix.

Before & After 21 Day Fix

Before & After 21 Day Fix

The Struggles:
– Learning curve on the containers (what goes in them, how many do I get)
– Cutting back on certain foods that I love (I’m addicted to hummus)
– Planning when I’m going to have wine
– Eating every 2 hours (not always easy in the beginning)
– Meal planning (I love the reset how it told me what I was eating for each meal. When it is up to me I procrastinate.)

The Wins:
– Increased energy
– Skin looking better
– Lost inches all over and clothes fitting better
– Lost weight
– Portion control in check
– Made new friends in the challenge group
– Helping others start their weight loss journey

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What is happening now? Round 2. We are heading for a cruise at the end of March. Exactly 21 days from this post we are stepping on the ship. Very exciting and gives me more motivation to focus on portion control.

I want my challenge pack!

What happens?
1) You friend me and we begin our relationship. Coach and customer. We get to know your goals and what you want to achieve.
2) We pick the program and group for you. 21 Day Fix or something else.
3) We see you hit your goals.

Are you ready?

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